>I can’t believe our 3 day weekend is finished….

>Where did it go.

I hate it when I feel like I haven’t even had a rest, like I have blinked and my precious days off have disappeared. Well I am sad to say it has been one of those weekends and I even had an extra day. :(((((

This by the way to WARN is a picture heavy post, I thought to cheer me up I would show you why i have been so busy, plus some crafty items I did over the past week or so as I didn’t really do any this weekend.

Well lets see, Saturday, one of my favourite tasks, serious house cleaning, behind cupboards, under the stairs, cleaning the windows the whole kit and caboodle the reason being…..

Sunday – house warming BBQ, well supposed to be but in true British Weather style it rained, and I mean storm amount, so BBQ was well out of the plans (tell a lie I did 15 Min’s in the rain and got well and truly soaked), so party was held inside all turned up, which was a little uncomfortable, as always, as half the family well lets see, how to put it politely, ummm, hate each other LOL, and our house is not very large, but it went as well as could be expected everyone seemed to behave, I didn’t eat all day so nothing strange and the last people didn’t leave till gone 8pm which considering we started at 1pm was a little later than I expected so needless to say on Monday when I got up for a nice Bank Holiday I was tired.

So today Ashley took me for a small shopping trip to a bookshop that actually sells crafty books, what should be a usual 1 hour drive turned into 2 and by that point I wish i stayed at home.

So all in all I sit here barely having the energy to type, but don’t get me wrong I am very thankful for such a wonder full time.

So now I have bored you all to deaf, wakey wakey.. here are some piccy’s to look at.

Look at my Money Pot 6 months of spending, not enough for new laptop yet but on my way. Thanks sooo much Ash for this Xmas pressie, I loved it.

My first Retro Goodies I got for Living area at home, how cute and under £10.

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  • Stephanie

    >Long weekends always seem to go by the quickest! I hope yours was wonderful!

  • Sophie Honeysuckle

    >Hello-thanks for visiting my new blog, and for the nice comments about my home!! I’m really glad you liked it!! I’m enjoying yours too, you are very creative and artistic, and we had awful Bank Holiday weather here too!! Typical!! We got married in the New Forest in Rhinefield House, and it was lovely! So nice that my sister couldn’t find anywhere she liked better and ended up there too! They have a really good website-hope that helps!I will visit your site again very soon!!

  • Susi

    >Hey Kara!
    Your blog is WONDERFUL!!! I only wish mine could look as nice… but then again, I am still learning, and since I am not keeping up with it as much as I’d like to…. how much can I learn???
    I miss talking to you via email, and soon hopefully will get back on track… you know why i have been silent for a while…
    anyway, it’s late, and I need to get to sleep, although I really don’t feel like going to bed yet…
    I just wanted you to know that I have visited your blog again, and it looks so lovely….