>I hate Blogger

or should I say it hates me, as you can see my Blog looks like it has been white washed, I went in today and it lost everything apart from my posts(luckily) so my daily reads have done as is all my extras.
So I will be back later for ETSY posts just want to try and sort out.

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Kara Janelle, Plus Size Blogging Mama. Vintage Lover, Interiors Obsessed, Chair Crazed, Collector of Much remembering to Smile as it is the 2nd best thing you can do with your mouth.

  • katydiddy

    >Yikes! That scares me. My blog has so much on it right now! What was their excuse? Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn’t go back and print out all my blog posts & keep them in binder somewhere. That way I’ll always have them. Kind of defeats the whole paperless society thing, but I’m old fashioned anyway!

  • Sophie Honeysuckle

    >Oh how awful Kara! Hope you manage to sort it all out! xx

  • Angela

    >Ugggg! Computers can be sooo annoying! I have been busy lately going back and forth with things. I want you to know that I will try to participate in your tagging me as soon as I can.I hope that everything works out.

  • Genevieve Olsen

    >Sometimes I think blogger is in league with the devil!!! hehe! Sadly I tried typepad, I hated that even more! So it seems that I am stuck! I call the glitches bloggerisms!No pictures loading etc. what a bummer!Hang in there this too shall pass!I completed my tagging assignment!