>I have so much to show but I forgot the camera

>go on laugh, I am forgetting everything at the moment, I nearly forgot shoes this morning, this is not a joke seriously, wow I am so tired. LOL.
So anywhoo I have so much to show you, some beautiful charms dear Christine made me, some new jewellery, some Christmas pressies I have made, pictures of fancy dress party I went to on Saturday and more, so instead as its the 5th and my monthly giveaway was due yesterday that’s what today’s post is.

I am giving this Necklace away for free, yes that’s right FREE, I know its summery colours but I don’t know about everyone else but this Necklace to me looks great with Black and would make a great addition to that winter outfit, it would just shine from your neck.
It features beautiful Turquoise Swarovski Matt Crystals and the other beads are wait for it…. Green and Turquoise Mud Beads, yes real mud, but you would never know, they are the greatest Crackle beads, I love them.

So here is the hard bit, LOL, just leave a comment on this post before Thursday, saying that you want to enter and also let me know what you think is the best digital camera you have had to date cause I looking for one. Cheeky aren’t I.

So ladies thanks for reading, hope you all had a great weekend, speak soon, be back tomorrow with piccy’s.


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  • Genevieve Olsen

    >Oh! I hope that you can get some rest soon!!!!!

  • BellaColle

    >Having trouble sleeping again? I’m soo sorry…I know how it is.
    I hope you really like your charms!!
    And may I say…I WANT IT!… your necklace is beautiful.

  • Brandi

    >Awww Kara!!! Your gift came today and it’s soo lovely, thank you! THANK YOU! (I had to do it twice to really show my feelings, hehe.)

    I made the mistake of opening it in front of my mom though, so I think I might have to share. 🙂

    As far as a camera goes, I really like my Kodak Z740. It’s an older model, but they’ve updated it so the newer Z760 (I think) is better. It looks sorta like a digital SLR, except you can’t adjust the lens. I view it as an in-between the slimmer point and shoot cameras and a professional camera, though it is definitely for the consumer. Because it’s got such a big lens, it’s not super easy to tote around. I needed to go back and buy a carrying case for it, so I don’t know if that will be a hinderance to you.

    I also don’t know what your price range is, but I believe the camera runs $300 US, and $400 US with a camera printer.

    I hope this helps! Get some sleep lady! Thank you so much again!


    >Hi Kara, yes please, include me in your giveaway, your jewellery is all so lovely. As to cameras, mine’s a bit average, but Shannon has a new one which is just fabulous, but you will have to find out from her what it is, I have no idea.
    Hope you are getting some sleep.
    Hugs, Coll :-}

  • Rosemary

    Get some rest soon!!
    Love your necklace.
    I need to get a new camera soon too.
    I have a kodak right now. It’s OK, but I would like to get a better one.
    Take care,


    >You are a twit, did you seriously nearly forget shoes? Quick check and make sure that you are actually wearing undies! HA HA HA

    Luv your sense of humour Bella 🙂

    Ok now you know i definately have to be in the draw for that necklace dont you. If i dont win i may just chuck a huge hissy fit. Nah just kidding but i will be soooo sad 🙁



  • *heidi*

    >Wow, how lucky am I to come over here when you have a drawing? I was looking at your lovley earrings on Flickr and that’s what sent me over here! Hope you put my name in your drawing for your beautiful necklace!

    Cameras? I use two, an older Fujifilm camera, the FinePix6900Zoom, which is really nice, but big and bulky! Then I use a smaller camera, another Fujifilm called the FinePix F470. I love this one for the small size and the simplicity of use, as well as it does take great pictures!

  • katydiddy

    >I would love to enter & win! LOL! Camera? I have a Cannon Powershot, if I knew how to use it, I’m sure it would be a great camera!