I Hope He Enjoys His Dreams

I have just done my usual ritual before bed, I have gone in and checked my babies, tonight they are both asleep by the time I decide to head to bed.

I tuck them in, stroke their foreheads and give them one last kiss for the day, some would say this is crazy, you may disturb them, but for me I feel such importance, that they know Mummy is there.

As I stand in between my babies, I look at them sleeping so peacefully, let’s be honest it is the best part of any parents day, when their children sleep looking like mini Angels.

As I look across at Addy she is laying very peacefully, smiling a little, this is rare as she is such a restless sleeper, it makes me smile thinking she must be dreaming something lovely, not sure what, I mean was does a 16 month old dream of ?

I turn to the other side to look at my handsome little man, as always he lays there restful but with no emotion on his face, Grayson obviously has no communications with us, even body language through his emotions can be hard to see, must all be controlled in the same area of the brain, but as I stand there I pray he dreams, I pray he has the most wonderful escape from his everyday reality, I wonder can he dream ? Does he dream and if so are his dreams our every days, does he dream “But Mummy why can’t I have Chocolate for Dinner ” or “Addy that’s my toy give it back” – does he dream of jumping on his bed, running in the park, sliding down a slide, or just enjoying a nice roast dinner.

I can only hope so, I hope when my little boy closes his eyes, just like me he escapes to a reality which is fun and free of any pain.

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  • Awww, what a lovely post hun. Sleeping babies are the most beautiful thing in the world.
    And I happen to believe that dreams are pretty magical, and I’m sure Grayson dreams about fantastic things. Maybe things that are even more amazing than you can imagine. X

  • He looks GORGEOUS!!!! You’re so right too – the sight of your sleeping children just makes your heart swell, doesn’t it?? xx

    • It really is a precious time, thanks for your comment xxxx

  • Alison T

    Lovely post as always. I must say that to me Grayson has a slight smile in the picture.
    Nothing better than seeing sleeping children
    I’m glad I know of someone else who kisses their babies goodnight. My eldest is 11 and I still go in when I go to bed to give her a goodnight kiss & make sure she is ok, think she would be horrified if she knew haha. xx

  • What a beautiful post and such a gorgeous photo x

  • I do exactly the same, in fact I go in several times some nights to kiss them on the head and say I love them. It always has to be the last thing I do before I crawl into bed. It’s just so peaceful watching them and it is one of the best parts of the day – our babies x

    • Glad not just me then, same here can’t sleep till I have done it, even if I did it 20 mins before lol x

  • How beautiful Kara. Like you I sneak a peek at Roo when I go to bed every night. I am sure Grayson and Addison dream, beautiful dreams about their amazing mum who does so much for them and always will. Watching your child sleep is the best perk we get as mum’s and no one can ever take these moments away from us.

    • Thanks lovely, you always say the kindest things, would be a lovely thought to think they are thinking of me.
      Indeed they can’t truly magical moment xxx

  • Ah you made me cry! Bless him I am sure he has the most wonderful fun filled dreams! I love sleeping babies and especially love the warm sleepy hugs when they wake xxxx