I Won The Golden Ticket

A few weeks ago the MAD Blog Awards offered up 10 Golden Tickets for people to attend the MAD Blog Awards 2013, I had been up for nomination but did not make the shortlist, but so many of my truly amazing friends did and of course I would love to see them all get recognised for their efforts.

head shave

So I entered this picture, you had to show a picture which showed something MAD, of course shaving my head last year a great deal of people thought was mad.

I had not thought there was any chance of actually winning but hey ho it was 3 minutes of my time.

Fast forward to Friday 13th September, my lucky day, I was super busy all day so did not get online, I finally had 5 minutes at 3pm so I checked twitter and had several messages congratulating me and saying they were excited to see me.

I was very confused and then Lucy directed me to the link that showed I was a Golden Ticket Winner and the following Friday would be attending the MAD Blog Awards and that is what I did.

mad blog awards part 1

mad blog awards part 2

A huge thanks to all that made the Awards happen, it was a lovely evening, I really did enjoy some ME time, secondly thanks to Katie & Mr E for lending me the use of their hotel room to get ready and making a great start to my night, HUGE thanks to Lucy and Mr R for not only making me laugh all evening, but to Mr R for insisting I did not get a Taxi to my Brothers and he drove me there even though very sleepy. To Kirsty and Clara for making me laugh several times, especially with boxers (lol) and lastly to my truly awesome Husband, who even though needing ME time himself, looked after our babies, got very little sleep and chose me a lovely dress.

mad blog awards part 3

Congrats to all that won, to Jennie for as always being a true inspiration and to Fiona (Coombe Mill) for remembering a very important lady.

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  • Lucy

    Haha. I could have sworn I only danced on my own like that for a minute. Clearly I was hogging the dance floor….. but I do love that song! Thanks for a lovely night my dear, so glad you got to come, and it was our pleasure to drop you home again after, you gave me someone to natter to as Mr R wasn’t up so much chatting. x

    • innocentcharmer

      You did the 1st few minutes then you inspired all to start dancing, hope you don’t mind me sharing, but you dance beautifully xxx

  • Brilliant post! Love the video. It was so lovely to have you there. I always we never had time to talk at Cybher, but now we have had time to talk and I can’t wait to talk more. Apologies for flashing my boxers lol.

    • innocentcharmer

      I agree we shall have to meet for a whole day some time soon, I wonder how far you are from us, I shall have to look xxx

  • mummydaddyme

    Was so so lovely to see you again Kara and thank you for the chocolates. Mr E said to me the next day and I quote ‘that Kara seemed as lovely as you said she is.’ Aw! I am so glad you got to come. I love the video! x

    • innocentcharmer

      You too sweetie, I wish we got to see each other more, oh Mr E you are such a sweetheart, very kind of you to say, he was even better than you describe him, such a fun personality xx

  • jennie

    Thank you for mentioning me x I am so sorry that i did not get to say hello, one day I hope I will find my dancing feet again and not cry at all music x It looks like it was a fabulous party x Love the video x Thank you x x x x x x

    • innocentcharmer

      Of course I would mention you, I am sorry I didn’t come and show my support, you will I am sure of it, you are a wonderful lady xx