Kara Is In Here – Somewhere ?!?!



As I flicked through the hundreds of emails I am behind on reading I came across this title – “A Quirky Guide to Getting Out of a Blog Rut” – Quirky Girl has a beautiful blog that I love to read, I have been blogging but then when reading this post I realised actually I am stuck in a rut.

I have never felt so unlike Kara before, I have never felt my blog to be so boring before, don’t get me wrong I LOVE being a Mummy and Blogging about my babies, all 3 of them, but I realised that lately that’s all I have blogged about, I have lost my identity, when I thought about blogging about what I enjoy I couldn’t think of anything, this makes me really sad. I have lost my identity other than a pregnant Mummy and this is odd.

It also became apparent this week when I was asked to write a 150 word Bio, I still haven’t done it as other than Wife and Mum  I can’t think of anything, who am I ?

I need to find me, with the spare 5 minutes I have each day, is that even possible ? How do I go about finding any time for me when I am barely keeping the rest of life floating.

So suggestions, what can I do for me in the minimal time I have, how do I find myself again?

I know it’s possible with the help of my blog, I have seen so many other mums in a similar situation lately, they have focussed by setting up a second blog for their likes and dislikes, but I know I don’t have time for that and as my friend Katie said my blog was never fully defined as a parent blog, so why not keep it all here. But how ? What shall I blog about, what can help me out of the rut ?

I am looking for suggestions, do you have any ? Can you help me find Kara, a new improved one ?

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  • I’m stuck in a blog rut at the moment too but mine is I don’t seem to blogging about my kids as much this year. Mine has mainly been about me or the recent tragic events in the blogging community. I keep telling myself that I need to focus more updates on the kids really.

    I’m also out of loop in the world of blogging – I’m just not about enough to keep up with it all.

    I hope you find yourself soon hun, I’m sorry I have no advice xx

  • Katie @mummydaddyme

    I really enjoyed this post Kara, believe it or not I struggle with the same. I can quite happily blog about my girls and my family all day long and I love it, but sometimes I think is it a bit boring that that is all my blog is about? I love my photography but then I think that sometimes people on my Mummy blog won’t want to see the other side of me. That’s why I started my other blog, Totally Tates, but I struggle to update both as I am so busy. I also struggle on what to put on each one. And I also worry about what will happen when my girls are older, I want to keep my family blog but with the name ‘Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three’ so geared towards parenting I do worry about what will come of it in the future.

    I am not particularly crafty, although I do the odd bit and piece, and I am RUBBISH at cooking. I don’t really have any other hobbies bar writing and photography. I just hope that somehow it will involve as my interests change and become different.

    The beauty of your blog is with the name, it can develop into anything it wants to be, whether that is your jewellery business, or your children, or anything else you fancy. I always find if I am in a rut then I look on pinterest, and that gives me a goal, for example I am already planning my girl’s christening in the summer.

    You shouldn’t be too hard on yourself though, not only have you got two children and the worries with Grayson, you are pregnant. My blog definitely suffered as a result of my pregnancy, I was just too tired to have any inspiration. I bet once Baby Sweetpea is here, it will inspire you to write more, whether thats about the children or other things. Pregnancy is bloody tiring.

    You will get your mojo back I am sure.

    Big Hugs.