>Listography – Top 5 Keyword Searches

It’s Listography time, I do love to write a list, Kate set an interesting one this week.

“To make it even better I’ve got a lovely little Listography for you all that shouldn’t test the brain cells too much – Top 5 Keyword Searches on your Blog”
So here is the top 5 according to my blog stats (excluding my blog name which came 3rd)
  1. New Baking Magazine – Thanks to the review of Baked and Delicious
  2. Baking Magazine – Clearly I am thought to be a great baker
  3. Matthew McConaughey Muscle – Only one I excited about, due to actually my Laminated List for Listgraphy, how funny.
  4. Baking Magazine 2011 – Again with the Baking
  5. Innocent Charm – Not sure what they where looking for but I bet it wasn’t my little Jewellery company.
I was a little disappointed at how run of the mill they were, I am clearly not very interesting. Its quite nice to make yourself look at what is going on with your little blog.
Don’t forget to go check out the other entries.

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  • Love in the Nest

    >Mmm number 3 is good 😉

  • Sarah Mac

    >I could spend quite a long time thinking about and searching number 3 😉

  • Zoe Paige

    >Yes, I also like number three. Delish!

  • Kate

    >How odd that a jewellery related blog is found via baking rather than jewellery…Weird.

  • Inside the Wendy House

    >Number 3!! Mmmm! And a baking theme too. It's funny what comes up isn't it!

  • Sarahmumof3

    >its always intresting to see how people find you great list 🙂 x

  • ghostwritermummy

    >So, does Matthew Mconaghue (sp?!) have muscles then??

  • overthehillmum

    >I don't think anyone will ever find my blog by searching for baking lol.