Little Grippers Sock Review & Giveaway

I am sure every parent has had the nightmare of socks which just wont stay on. In our house it’s a pain. Grayson pulls and pulls till they come off and Addison, well she just won’t keep them on for more than seconds at a time.

So when Little Grippers contacted me about their Baby Socks which are designed to stay on I must say I was excited and skeptical all at once.


They kindly sent me a pair for Grayson and Addison, they are supplied in 4 colour options, White/Baby Pink/Baby Blue & Yellow.

We went for the Pink and Blue.

The socks are lovely and light, very soft and nice and long ( I hate short socks) they pulled up perfectly past Grayson’s Boots to keep his ankles warm.

Little Grippers Sock

A little info from Little Grippers

Our Baby Socks are designed to Stay On! Gone are the days of losing your babies or toddlers socks while you are out for the day. Our socks are high in cotton content, with a tiny amount of stretch for comfort and fit. Our unique natural, hypoallergenic Stay On Technology is applied inside the top of the socks to help them stay in place. Each sock has its own beautiful Gecko knitted into the sole which is our brand logo.

I was worried when I felt the tops of the socks whether it would cause marks against the kids skin, but I had no need to be worried, I am not sure I understand how but it really doesn’t upset their skin at all and seriously it keeps the socks on, Grayson tugged and pulled and although the sock came away from the Toes he did not manage to pull off and either loose or eat (he likes to chew) and neither did Addison (although she wouldn’t let me take her picture).

I shall be ordering some for Sweetpea as we all know in that 1st year when they wear no shoes you lose a ton of socks.

Very kindly Little Grippers have also offered a lovely gift set to one of my lucky readers, choice of size and colour to be made by the winner, just fill in the Rafflecopter below.

Little Gripper sock set

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please note the giveaway is open to UK Residents only,Β that by entering this giveaway, you give permission for Little Grippers to contact you from time to time. You can opt out by sending me an email to before the closing date, which is Friday 28th June 2013.

Disclosure – I was sent 2 pairs of socks FOC for purpose of review, the opinions are 100% true, honest and my own.

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