Little Loves {5th June}



I really enjoyed taking part in Morgana’s linky Little Loves last week, it’s a great rounding up to share, so I am back. Do check out Morgana’s blog she is a total sweetheart.


I have read lots of blog posts this week, I love reading and commenting on blogs, it is part of the community I think is not as strong as it was years ago, so I set myself a target to comment on 40 posts a week and I am loving it.

A post from Goblin Child stuck in brain the most. The post is a letter to the man who donated the sperm to help bring their beautiful twins into the world. It’s a moving and honest read and it really touched my heart, I always think of my brothers future when reading posts like this, hoping one day he will have a family.


We went to the Zoo last Saturday with family, it was Deacon’s first time since being tiny, at just under 2 I thought he would have little interest as attention spans are not great at this age.

I was so wrong, Deacon stood at every cage with such intensity, he would jump with joy flapping his arms every time an animal met his vision, he would try to repeat the names and did not want to move on for fear of missing something.

At the Zoo

It was just magical as a Mummy.


It’s all about the shoes this week. I am so pleased to have finally found a pair of brogues I love. They are from Clarks and are the softest material, with cut out detail they are perfect for Summer.

Clarks Brogues

I have also of course started wearing my Sun Jellies again as much as possible, I love Sun Jellies, they are super comfy, rocking colours and work with most outfits.

Sun Jellies


I love listening to music but don’t get to do it all to often as it disturbs Grayson somewhat. But as Addison and Deacon get older it is becoming apparent they have a love of music, singing and dancing.

Addison and I went for a little car trip and she just kept telling me to turn it up louder and louder. Only Ashley’s CD was in the car so we sung loudly, windows open to Paolo Nutini, New Shoes. It was fun, ordinary and what parenting is about.


 I managed to film 3 VLOGs this week, I love doing them, it is the one place I can fake confidence. The one I uploaded this week is a simple Q&A, I really enjoyed answering such interesting questions.



Thank you for the massive amount of support, love and comments I have received following my post about Grayson’s new news. I was in such a bad place the beginning of the week but thanks to all that love I am now starting to be in a good place, it wont be an easy journey but with friends like you all we will fight and come out the other side.

Also I am so excited for June, not only have I got a new blog theme, Deacon turns 2, but I am off to Blogtacular and BritMumsLive – whoop whoop!

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  • Life at the Little Wood

    Oh I love your brogues so much Kara. Just gorgeous! I have SunJellies too – I love them a lot but it’s still so bitterly cold over here and I haven’t been brave enough to take my socks off yet! 🙂 xx

  • I have jelly envy here. I found the perfect pair last week but they only had 1 shoe out of the pair! Your pictures from the zoo are fab. You can tell how excited they were x

  • Goblin Child

    Thank you so much for your beautiful words. <3 I hope that your brother has every opportunity
    he could dream of. Nobody should have to choose between love and children – it makes me so sad that two-men families face such a struggle to have children.

  • Angela Milnes

    Well it’s perfect weather for the Jellies. I’ve not worn any since I was young but they are a favourite of mine. The Zoo, is such a fun place to go… i’m planning on taking my daughter in the summer Holidays. Well have a fabulous week.

    Angela from

  • dont call me stepmum

    I love this post. You’re rocking those brogues. I love Paulo Nutini’s voice. This is one of my fave ones to sing. Takes me back x I’m off to go read Amber’s post xxx #littleloves

  • Anna-Marie

    Love you jellies! I have wanted a pair for ages now.. Must get some! Your brogues are lovely too! Popping over from #littlelove

  • TheL’s Mum

    I love those brogues. I have been after a pair myself so may have to pop into clarks. Aw lovely that Deacon had such fun at the zoo, I might have to take L, he’s just turned two on monday just gone. Im going to have a read about Grayson now, I always admire your strength and it sounds like you are in a much positive place in this post. I hope you are all ok 🙂 #LittleLoves

  • Mum Reinvented

    Ah I have a little flapper too – everything that excites him gets a flap! Although he wouldn’t take as much interest at the zoo as Deacon did that’s for sure! I just read your post about Grayson and he isn’t ‘abnormal’ at all, he’s just perfecting the art of being Grayson. He sounds like a wonderful little boy and his big beautiful eyes completely melted my heart x

  • I live in my Sunjellies! Love a bit of Paulo too! x

  • Gemma @ gemslittletreasures

    I think thats so lovely to try and comment so much per week. I have really loved receiving comments on my new blog and getting involved with commenting on peoples posts. Loving the sun jellies – haven’t had any since i was a kid but tempted this year. Have a fantastic week and glad to hear you’re feeling happier x

  • What a great target to have, I have to admit my blog commenting has been a bit hit or miss at the minute, there just seems so much else to be doing and something has to give.
    I love the brogues, I have a really lovely pair from New Look that you’ve just reminded me are in the back of my wardrobe. xx

  • Love a bit of Paolo! Not listened to him in ages, will have to rectify that immediately!
    I keep meaning to tell you how much I love your hair. It suits you perfectly and looks fab.
    Have a lovely week xx

  • I loved that post by Amber at the Goblin Child, really honest and lovely words. I love jellies! been living in mind again, Paolo Nutini’s voice is sooo amazing, love him. xx

  • Sam

    I’ve been meaning to take my children to the zoo for ages – they’ve been to loads of petting farms but JJ was about 9 months when we went to Marwell Zoo and EJ has never been to a zoo (and he’s nearly 3). I love that Paolo Nutini song too – getting silly and all singing along and messing about is one really great part of parenting and having kids isn’t it? I’m glad you feel you are in a better place now with your gorgeous six year old. X #littleloves