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Christmas is over and normality is starting to return. I have been back to work for one day but since put my neck out so other than a food shop we have been home bound, the kids are playing with the mountain of presents they received and I seem to be unable to decide where to start.

So instead I have come on to share my Little Loves, it is actually my past couple of weeks as I never published my post last week.

I am excited for 2018 as I really want to kick my arse into enjoying life and being me, but for now my last 2017 Little Loves…


As hoped I did receive a new book for my Birthday and I have actually read a whole chapter. I went for Louise Pentland’s Wilde Like Me and I think it will help to ease me back into a reading mindset as I do miss it terribly.

As I tucked Addison into bed this week I was met with a gorgeous little note on her picture frame, it read “I love family pictures because they make me feel cared for and loved and  they make me feel happy and warm and safe.”

She made me feel that way just seeing her little note, Addison loves to read and write and has notebooks all around the house, it always makes me smile seeing her thoughts.


Well, there is no escaping Vlogmas if you like me like YouTube. I love seeing glimpses into people’slives, the everyday at this busy time of year. I myself would love to do it one year but I am not sure me working every day would be terribly exciting.

I have mostly spent this week watching the kids playing with their new toys, the excitement of things they had not asked for but pleased to have received (maybe more than what they asked for).


Many promises to myself that 2018 will be a much better year.

To be honest 2017 has not been awful, there have been so many positive changes, the biggest seeing Grayson so happy and Deacon in full-time school.

But unfortunately my depression and anxiety these past months have been very controlling.

I have plans though, nothing fancy, I am not silly and don’t want to fall at the first hurdle but I am going to remind myself how being positive is going to get me through, the bad days and the good and I am excited to set myself challenges through 2018 and enjoy life!

Oh we also Made some cute Reindeer biscuits for Santa, it was great for keeping the kids occupied on Christmas Eve. Next I want to make Carrot Cake, just need to find a simple recipe.


It has been all about the red lips and enamel pins for me this past week.

I mean red lips is not something new, there is no better lip colour to make you feel and look like you have your sh*t together. I treated myself to a second shade from The Body Shop as I am hugely impressed with their Matt Lippies.

Enamel pins have always been a little addiction for me since a young girl, I remember having some from special places. For my Birthday I headed for a little shopping trip to Margate (more coming soon) and treated myself to some new pins, so they have been pride of place this week.


As a parent to a special needs child, I am always being inspired by other parents in similar situations. Hearing their journeys always reminds me of the one we are living and how I love sharing our story with the world.

Hayley of Downside Up is one of those women. She is a constant reminder of how life can change in a minute but you can make it and even kick arse at it!

I literally bawled as I listened to her Ted Talk this week, really connecting with so much of what she said and wanting to shout to the world that life isn’t bloody awful being a Mummy to a Superhero, it is just a little different!

Please if you have a few minutes have a listen, you shall not regret it.

And Lastly

I am so excited for 2018!

I want so many things to happen and I am sure this will be the year.

I am reminding myself the only person that can make it happen is ME!

I am going to a grip with confidence, I am going to feel better about myself and I am going to be a success.

I am reminded of a quote Aimee Horton shared..


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  • What a great attitude to be going in to the new year with. I wish you all the best for 2018. Love the biscuits.

  • Love that quote! And your lippy, that colour really suits you. That little note Addison wrote on her photo frame is just the sweetest thing ever. Hope you have a great weekend and 2018 treats you well x

  • Anna-Marie

    How good has Vlogmas been this year? I have been really enjoying watching loads of different Vlogmas throughout December. Louise Pentlands book is so good! Thoroughly enjoyed it! Happy New Year xx

  • I tried to read Wilde Like Me and just couldn’t get into it at all, not my cup of tea. Addison is so sweet leaving that little note, my Daisy has lots of notebooks and is always writing little notes and stories for us. I’ve spent a lot of time this year working on my confidence and the best thing I found to do was to push myself out of my comfort zone. I hope 2018 is an amazing year for you x

  • I love the quotes, the pin and scarf. And that note about the family photo – heart melts. Thank you for being so lovely. Have a super start to 2018 x

  • What a beautiful little roundup. I love the quotes. And your pin is lovely. I wish I was a scarf person. I don’t own any. That photo melts my heart. You are amazing and a true inspiration to me. I am lucky to call you a friend. Lots of love and Happy New Year x

    • Now I need to send you a scarf you would really suit one.
      Too kind and back at you, much love and thank you for always being in my corner xx

  • Aw that is so sweet of Addison I bet your heart nearly burst. I am so sorry you have been suffering lately, I so hope 2018 is amazing for it, go for it you can do it and I love the pineapple saying it really is the way to be x

    • Thank you, I do believe being positive helps doesn’t it.
      She is such a sweetheart xx

  • Pretty fancy ideas for inspiring a lot of people. It is really the best chance to feel yourself free!

  • That little note from Addison is so special. She really is such a sweetheart.
    Aimee’s quote is fab isn’t it? A great sentiment for the new year xx