Living Arrows {30th June 2014}

It is Monday so it is I Heart Snapping, Living Arrows time.

I love joining in and sharing the everyday for my little babies as they quickly grow before my eyes.

Living Arrows - Trolley Fun

Monday I felt like Supermum attempting the weekly shop all on my own with the youngest 2, even more so I did as I was stopped over 6 times to be told what a credit they both were to me, how handsome Deacon was and how gorgeous Addison’s Owl skirt was.

There were no double trolley’s but Addison was quite pleased as she raced me around half the store and then sat in the big part of the trolley for the rest. I remember the weekly shops with my parents very well, I would always get lost in the supermarket, my Mom and Dad would need 2 trolley’s as our shop would be so big.

I think it is such an ordinary moment but they both find it so much fun, that is the pleasure of being a child.

living arrows

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  • Clare Mansell

    That looks like great fun. It is the simple things that give so much pleasure (a cliche I know, but…)

  • Toby Goes Bananas

    Aww, they look like they’re enjoying shopping! I did the full weekly shop with Toby this week and it was surprisingly OK – I just kept shoving breadsticks at him the whole way round the shop and he was happy!

  • Merlinda Little

    Awww they are really adorable in there. Shopping is like bonding time for my family. We all go and do the list one by one. That shopping cart child seat is also my gauge on how big my son is now. Before there’s so much space and now he fills the whole seating area. #LivingArrows

  • Faded Seaside Mama

    I think you’ve captured the essence of #LivingArrows there – just an ordinary moment that defines childhood so simply. Gorgeous shot of your gorgeous children!