Me And Mine October 2015

Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.

Me and Mine

These 4 people I am pictured with above are the most special people in my life, they make me laugh, they make me smile, they make me cry, but most importantly they make me whole.

This picture was taken earlier in the month on our Woodland Adventure, just the most perfect morning, it has stayed with me every day since.

None of the kids wanted to have this picture taken, Deacon was screaming 20 seconds earlier and Addison was in a strop but at the exact moment the camera finally took the picture (we had a camera problem minutes earlier) it took the most AMAZING photo of my little family we have ever had.

Although Ashley and I are completely posed the kids are not and I LOVE THAT. From Addison shouting Cheese, to Deacon looking at his sister with a little laugh and then the Superheroes smile as he nuzzled into me, it is just pure wonder.

To many it is not perfect, our life is not perfect, but to me this is perfection!

dear beautiful

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  • Lucy

    Well you already know that I love this photo Kara. And you’ve pointed out in your post all the reasons why… all the smiles, Deacon’s adoring look at his sister, Grayson snuggled in for a cuddle, Addison’s cheeky face, and you and Ash just looking so proud. Love it!!! x

  • Oh it’s a beautiful photograph Kara. The smiles on all your faces are just wonderful xx

  • Oh my goodness perfect family photos and you can see all the love and happiness in each one facial expression. I adore this Kara. Happy Halloween. #meandmine

  • Cariemay

    Oh this is such a gorgeous photo and precisely because the children are being their beautiful wonderful selves- yay for camera problems!!

  • Such a wonderful photo of you all.