Me And Mine // February 2017

I really am lucky Mummy, as I have 5 people in my family and I love them all very much – Addison (5)

..and we love her, it has been a hard 6 months for my little unit, we have been through tough times and they shall not be ending anytime soon.

As parents Ashley and I have doubted our ability so much, with little sleep we are both not at our best.

In half term we decided to make sure we had some time out and about the 5 of us.

Our special little family as Addison and Deacon call us.

It was perfect, nothing fancy, walk along the beach, cake in a cafe, playing at the park and by the evening, as we sat and played Lego or watched “one more please” episode of Hey Duggee we would be all huddled on the sofa together a disheveled HAPPY mess.

As I scrolled through my phone and looked at the 5 of us squashed up on our 2 seater sofa I thought you are so right Addison, we are really lucky, it is bloody hard, our house is not quiet, Mummy does shout, they do get told off and Grayson will wet through his clothes 4 times a day but we all really bloody look after each other and that is what matters most, surely ??

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  • Emily Clark

    Gorgeous and you are all very lucky to have a wonderful family xx

  • Laura Little Ladies Big World

    Such lovely words and you are right, being there in whatever form that takes is the most important thing of all x

  • Madeline Littlejohns

    Love this! Sounds like your family is pretty amazing to me! x

  • It’s exactly what counts. Those precious little moments are what will get you all through the tough times, now and in the future. Xx

  • Oh chickie — that’s EXACTLY what matters. Being together, love, laughter, happiness — that’s definitely what matters the most. Lovely pic of you all xxxxxx

  • Being together is the best thing in the world nothing else compares or matters as much. Lovely family capture kara! I love Addison quote it shows how much love and amazing parents she has. Hope you have a wonderful month ahead. #meandmineproject

  • Aww I love these posts. Being together, there really isn’t anything any better. You have such a lovely family hon xx