Me And You {February 2014}

dear beautiful
me and you
I hate these months photos, they are not what I had planned at all but is life ever what you plan ?
It has been an up and down month for us as a couple, we had a day in London just the two of us, but because it was so packed and we had to rush back to kids we did not really get to enjoy as we should have done.
Our life has been very busy and full of poorly children, it has made us cohabit and not really enjoy time together, we had a good chat about it this weekend as important as some things are, us is more important, so we are trying to rectify that.
I think we shall try for a meal out just the 2 of us this month (baby sitters permitted) and definitely some more date nights in now hopefully Deacon is going to bed a little earlier than us.
At the end of the day life as a couple is crucial, as we are the glue that keep our children and family unit happy.
me and you beach hut
Thanks Lucy for inspiring these photos, strangely getting the Mr to have a picture makes us talk more.

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  • Life With Munchers

    I have the same problem and I only have 1 to look after. You guys are a great team and I love that you do your little date nights and photo booth thing. xx

    • Thanks sweetie, we haven’t done a photo booth in forever, that’s a must for the next month x

  • Date night is so important! These photos are really cute, I like the one of you in front of the wooden hut x

  • Date nights really are so important but, it’s finding the time isn’t it? Life just goes by in a blur of children and housework and cooking and the list goes on. But it really is important to have that time together when you can so you can enjoy just you and him time.

    • I agree, we have had one or maybe 2 since Deacon was born 8 months ago xx

  • Lucy

    It’s funny, we talk more too for taking these photos. It kind of feels like a project the pair of us are doing together (unlike me and mine where he moans every month!!!) and it’s nice working on it together.
    I especially love that first photo, you both look so lovely. x

  • JessMcGlynn

    Sorry to hear you’ve had a poorly house. We have found ourselves talking more too especially for this month’s pictures – it became our special project although we had to squeeze it in as life can just be so busy sometimes can’t it? Love your second photo 🙂

  • I love the first photo of you both. I can only imagine how hard it must be to spend time together. But I am so glad you do get those times together. I just hope you see some poorly free weeks soon.

  • mummy madness

    A meal out sounds lovely, I agree we parents are the glue! Lovely photos 🙂

  • Donna Wishart

    You know, you have such a lovely warm smile – Lovely photo! x