Me And You {Jan 2014}

me and you

Because you’re the best thing in my life
When I’m with you it feels so right
Oh, how I miss you when you’re gone
Although you’re never gone for long, long
You’re touching the heart of me

Being a couple can be easy, but I think being a couple who never want to be apart is hard. It isn’t supposed to be easy, as easy isn’t worth fighting for.

Ashley and I both lived with parents when we met after fleeing from bad relationships. We used to sit on the phone for hours and he was appalled by how little music I liked, so he would play a CD and test me at my knowledge, Gabrielle “Because of You” was one of those songs, every word expressed exactly how I felt about this man who had entered my world.

When we got married everyone told us it couldn’t be our song even though it was “our song” because it was too fast, we looked at each other and as always said “screw it” we love to be different.

This month has been a hard one for us, we have argued and fought but that is pretty much the norm, but when the hardest time came for us at the beginning of the month and we were apart for days Ashley as always become my guidance, my rock, my hero.

“It Feels very lonely here” is the message my husband sent me one night we were apart, we both love alone time, from the kids and one another but whenever we get it, even if not by choice we always end up rushing back to each other.

So thank you Ash for another month on our journey.

dear beautiful

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  • Lucy

    Ahhh, such beautiful words Kara. And lovely photo to match! I completely agree that something worth fighting for is never easy. We feel like ships that pass in the night some weeks as we hardly see each other, but we always WANT to see each other and we find a way. x

    • innocentcharmer

      Bless you both, you can see the love with you and R though, it is very warming x

  • Lauren_W

    This is beautiful. I had goosebumps reading “It feels very lonely here” xx

    • innocentcharmer

      Mwah xxx

  • JessMcGlynn

    Lovely post, and beautiful photo 🙂

    • innocentcharmer

      Thanks xxx

  • mummydaddyme

    These area beautiful words Kara and a lovely photo of you both too. x

    • innocentcharmer

      Thanks sweetie, bit of a quick take on Sat, hoping next month shall be more inspired x

  • Such a beautiful image of your both and I love the emotion behind your words. You two are such lovely people and you compliment each other so well.

    • innocentcharmer

      Aww thanks lovelies, we have our moments, when our hands aren’t around each others necks lol x

  • Bex @ The Mummy Adventure

    Beautiful photo, you two are such a perfect couple x

  • Beautiful post, and cute pic!!