Me & Mine – July 2013

I managed it. For the 2nd month in a row I am taking part in the lovely Lucy’s of Dear Beautiful’s monthly linky “Me and Mine”.
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This is our 1st full month as a family of 5, it has been manic to say the least. More hospital appointments than I can count. Days to London, a first hotel stay for Deacon, a Hello Kitty event for Mummy and Grayson’s last day at Preschool.

The photo was taken on a day out at Folkestone Seafront. We had been trike riding & enjoying a pub lunch. Everyone was a little hot & tired by the time the picture was taken, so our usual Drama Queen aka Addison was not amused, but as Lucy reminded me its these pictures that spark memories.


Daddy Is Enjoying…

Juggling all 3 Children on his own whilst Mummy had some Me Time

Upcycling by building great planters out of an old wooden table

Loving his new SuperDry Watch that he received from his babies for his Birthday

Yummy Meals out on our trip to London

Mummy Is Enjoying…

Jumping on a Train to London for a Hello Kitty event (thanks Mr Innocent Charmer for looking after all 3 babies on his own on his Birthday)

Unlimited Cuddles from all 3 of my Babies as home a lot more

Loving going and seeing the Westfield Shopping Centre at Stratford, wish we had more pennies

Yummy pictures of Deacon on his modeling shoot with Faye and Lou

Grayson is Enjoying…

Jumping on the sofa’s, feel so free

Utterly great Trike Riding and Walking Weather

Last Day of Preschool and waiting for Big School to Start

Yippee having fun bed games in the hotel Mummy and Daddy took me to

Addison Is Enjoying…

Jumping, anywhere she can, but especially on Aunty Dora’s Bouncy (Trampoline)

Usefulness of taking items to the rubbish and getting big cheers each time

Lots of Cuddles with Baby Deacon

Yelping in delight at One to One playtime with her Grandparents, including naked bubbles in the garden

Deacon Is Enjoying…

Jumping Addison, she makes him smile

Ultimate cuddles with Mummy whilst we co-sleeped on my 1st hotel stay

Lots and lots of Days out – I love to sleep in my pushchair and pram

Yippee –  his swing just as his brother and sister did before him

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  • Lucy

    Awww, this is lovely. Such a cute picture of such a cute family. And I guarantee you that in years to come, you’ll all laugh about the fact that Addy was such a drama queen, and you’ll love that you captured it for posterity here. 🙂
    Thanks for joining in again hun. So happy to have you. x

  • Katie @mummydaddyme

    What a lovely photo Kara, I think if I passed you all in the street and didn’t know you I would think how cool you were- with your trendy clothes and blue hair!
    I don’t know why but three just makes your family seem that much bigger. I hope Deacon is settling into the family well. X

  • I love how your loves spell out July 🙂 Great picture. We had a grumpy Mr in our pic lol, it’s all about the memories.

    • Lauren_W

      Ooo clever. I missed that.

  • Charlotte

    Love how photos tell a story! You’ll always be able to smile at your drama queen. I have one of those too. 🙂 Glad you got some me time. x

  • It’s still a superb pic, despite the drama queen 😉 I love this link up so much as it’s so great to see so many memories captured xx

  • Lauren_W

    I’m so glad you joined in again. You and your husband look so relaxed.
    I LOVE your hair! And I’m glad your husband gave you to have some me time.xx

    • innocentcharmer

      Amazing how well you can cover up how stressed you are isn’t it lol. In all honesty it was quite a nice day x

  • Cariemay

    What a busy month – and all that with a newborn (who incidentally has a fabulous birth date, not that I’m in any way biased) – you both look wonderfully relaxed and happy, it’s a lovely picture!

  • Emily Beale

    Glad you managed to fit in the ‘me time’ this month – a must for every mumma! And well done for twice in a row – you’ll love looking back on these great family pictures!

    • innocentcharmer

      Thanks, I agree a little me time with 3 under 5 keeps you sane x

  • Aaahh lovely picture & me time? I need some of that 🙂

  • Bex @ The Mummy Adventure

    What a lovely photo and I love the boys in co-ordinated T-shirts. Getting a pic of the whole family smiling, looking at the camera and in focus is really not how life it and this is perfect x

  • Becky Arber

    I love reading about what everyone is enjoying, really gives you a sense of their little characters 🙂 This is such a fun project… now we’ve all got to start planning August!