Me & Mine November 2013

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Have you ever met a blogger who inspires you to be a better person. Lucy is one of those bloggers, she is a sweetheart, one of the kindest, but also one of the most awesome Mama’s.

I love that she started Me & Mine, every month I try to join in and get disheartened when I can’t take a beautiful picture, every month Lucy tells me it is not about that, it is about the picture and the story, so this month although I really am not pleased with the picture I am going to share.

Me and Mine November 2013

This was taken one Saturday evening, it is on our sofa with front facing camera on my phone, we had planned to take a Me and Mine shot this evening, but not this way, we had been out to dinner with my Dad and Stepmum and they were going to take it for us, but then poor Grayson has a nappy incident and bad Mummy forgot a change of clothes, so we had to wrap Grayson’s bottom half in my Cardi and rush home half way through our meal. It was such a shame as Grayson and Addison were in really good moods and all were wearing their matching tops. But this is our normal, by the time we took the shot, Grayson was half-naked, Deacon was over due a feed and Addison wanted to be back with Popsy and Granny.

November has been a busy month for us.

Daddy Is Loving

* Colder Weather

* Christmas List writing

* Addison’s expanding vocab

* Deacon becoming cheeky

Mummy Is Loving

* One on One time with my Babies

* Learning to bake Brioche

*Celebrating 9yrs of Marriage

* Giant Teacakes

Grayson Is Loving

* Walking everywhere he can

* Bouncing on the sofa

* Feeding himself at times

* Bouncing on the bouncy castle at Riley’s party

Addison Is Loving

* Going to Nursery

* Dinosaurs

* Play dates with friends

* Her little house

Deacon Is Loving

* Being able to sit for short periods

* Getting tickled on his toes

* Watching his brother and sister

* Being in his bigger cot

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  • Lucy

    Ahhhh! It’s totally all about the story. I absolutely love this photo and how close together you all. I think it captures your relationships and personalities really well. And I know that you will love looking back on it in the future and will laughs about the story behind it!
    And thanks for your lovely words about me. I’m so touched that you think that about me, I think you’re a total inspiration too! x

    • innocentcharmer

      Pleasure, I am glad I managed to join up, I am excited to hopefully join up even more next year xx

  • Charlotte

    I’ve been in the nappy explosion/no spare clothes situation too. I had to smile at the thought of him wrapped in your cardigan. Lovely photo! x

    • innocentcharmer

      He he, I should have taken a pic, lucky he is so tiny, he had a leg through each arm, he was so good about it x

  • SaveEveryStep

    What fab names your children have! ANY photo that captures a memory is a good photo by me!

    • innocentcharmer

      Thank you, we try to be different xxx

  • Becky Arber

    It’s definitely not always about the photo! It’s about the memories and this is beaut!

    • innocentcharmer

      Aww thanks sweetie x

  • Cariemay

    You all look so cosy together, I think it’s a lovely photo; and such a very relatable story behind the memory – we’ve all been there with the nappies!

    • innocentcharmer

      Isn’t that the truth, with a 4yr old though can be a little difficult to clean lol xx

  • Lauren_W

    This is lovely. As others have said, as you did too, it really does capture your family as you always are. xx

    • innocentcharmer

      Thanks Lauren xxx

  • mummydaddyme

    This is beautiful Kara, and actually this shot is perfect because it is imperfect, and that’s what families are. You will look back on it and remember about the fact you had to wrap Grayson in a cardi and laugh- those are the moments too treasure. x

    • innocentcharmer

      So true, can’t believe I didn’t get a pic of that, he worked it well x

  • Bex @ The Mummy Adventure

    Beautiful shot and capturing your now, I really need to join in with this more often!

    • innocentcharmer

      It is great fun you should xx

  • nic@nipitinthebud

    Me and Mine is absolutely the best example of ”it’s the taking part that counts”. The essence of family life is rarely captured in a perfect shot – a blurry boy is becoming the norm in ours!

    • innocentcharmer

      Mine too x