>Hello All

Sorry for the delay in posting but big move this weekend they can’t set the Internet up for 2 weeks urgh……

So I am back at work just for today so just do a quickie post.

First of all a MASSIVE THANKS to all people who have left posts, I feel loved LOL.
Thanks to 3/4 friends who have put links about my MS Jewellery it is so very appreciated.

I am glad to say a winner for the Jewellery give away was picked this morning and it goes to ****drum roll**** JANET congrats I am so happy, and to top it all off, I have decided all participants we receive a little parcel by way of thanks.

Secondly, oh I am so thankful to BettyTurbo one of my friends on Swapbot sent me the most amazing swap parcel this week, its like shes inside my head. I will post a piccy next week of what she sent.

Well I better stop chatting as I am supposed to be working LOL.

Take care all and thanks again

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  • Janet

    >What a wonderful surprise! I think all your jewelry is just beautiful so I’m excited to know I’ll soon be wearing some of it.

    Just got caught up on your blog and I will be sure to link to your entry about the MS jewelry. That is a beautiful, thoughtful idea and one I’m sure will be successful.

  • Angela

    >Congradulations Janet! Wonderful to meet ya Kara! I am sure that you do make beautiful Jewlry. I would love to see it. I think I read something about your supporting Cerebral Palsy or something like that….? Any type of physical Handi-cap I have to say, you must be a wonderful person to support it!THANKS! 🙂