My 1st Pregnancy Diary – Week 18

So I am trying a pregnancy diary with a difference, a VLOG, I am not sure if it will work, this video is 13 minutes long, I am not sure if anyone has got the time to watch that, hopefully following weeks won’t have me rambling on so bear with me.

Please also bear with the naivety of this video, it’s my 1st time, I didn’t realise the light was so bad, I also annoyingly touch my face way to much and overuse the word ETC.

Anyway I hope some of you enjoy it.




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  • Kara I loveeeeeee this, you look and sound brilliant on video, it sounds a bit strange but it is lovely to hear you chatting to the camera! And thanks for mentioning me.
    I was half thinking about doing a vlog every so often for the new baby, just with updates and things as I hardly have any videos of Mads, but I am not sure if I am brave enough. Weird as I am a chatterbox but I hate myself on video! xx

  • This is fab Kara. What a great idea. I followed a blog ages ago that did pregnancy videos but I wasn’t brave enough to give it a try. I’m looking forward to following your pregnancy blogs.
    And can I just say you are a total natural in front of the camera. X

  • This is brilliant! You are amazing! I love your first video. You made me cry at a few points, I just wanted to give you a cuddle.

    Hope you are starting to feel better and hope this pregnancy doesn’t give you as much grief as your others x

  • love being a mummy

    Great Vlog! It wasn’t boring. Also Ive had anxiety based pnd and ive not had it with my 3rd. Look forward to watching more x

  • Hiya. Get vlog, I’d love to do one but to scared. I am a plus size mama at 22 wks along. lovely to have found you, you were rt into my Twitter feed. I’m over at @mama_mooo would I follow you but can’t tweet as I’m private and you wouldn’t see it.

    hope you are keeping well.


    • Sorry that should have said great vlog, silly thumbs on phone keyboard LOL

    • Aww thanks for the lovely comment, I hope you don’t mind just requested a follow on twitter xx

  • Firstly you look and sound AMAZING! I LOVE your hair!!!

    Can’t wait for your next vlog!! xxx

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