My Daddy!!!

As I read my gorgeous friend Katie’s blog today I was reminded of something that makes me smile every time I hear it.

Katie spoke about the love between a Father and Daughter and I think until having my own Daughter I had never understood but now I do.

I am just Mummy when she shouts or talks, but Mr Innocent Charmer is “My Daddy” and it is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard, it make me smile to see the love between them and I hope it never changes, no matter the awkward teenage years or when she has children of her own, I always want her to look and think “My Daddy”!

You see even though Mr Innocent Charmer is the main Stay At Home Parent, the one who tells her off more, the one who feeds her dinner, who bathes her (her worst experience) he still is her My Daddy.

addy birth

Addison and My Daddy at Birth

Addison and My daddy

Addy and Daddy

I love this picture

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  • Lucy

    It’s funny, because I totally agree and associate with all these feelings in the relationship I have with my own dad. He’s in my mobile as Daddy while my mum is Mum. And I completely expected when I had a daughter that she would be a total daddy’s girl, so imagine my surprise when she has turned out to be a COMPLETE mummy’s girl. Their relationship is growing now she’s a bit bigger and he is her favourite play thing, after her brother. I just really hop they grow into that daddy-daughter relationship as I would so love to watch it. x

    • innocentcharmer

      Thanks lovely lady for your words, I only wish I had a relationship with my Dad like yours and Addy’s – we work together every day and I love him hugely but nothing like you explain, BG is such a sweetheart that I know one day soon her and Daddy will steal each others hearts but I think it is lovely she is a Mummies Girl too, think of the fun in the future x

  • Helpful Mum

    Aww, my little girl is besotted with her Daddy too. I never really had that with my Dad because he left home when I was three and a half which is a shame.

    • innocentcharmer

      I know what you mean, my Dad worked 16 hour days until I was a teen and then at 10 left home so we never really had that, I love him dearly but to see this makes my heart smile x

  • Katie @mummydaddyme

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous post. Having only met Ash just a couple of times I can tell he is an amazing daddy. Just like my own Mr E. the relationship between Mr E and Mads is one that I adore watching and I hope LL will be the same. Technically I am closer to my mum as she is like my best friend who I call every day, but my Daddy is just amazing and I adore him. We may not talk every day but he is always there when I need him. Xx