>My Week That Was Week #2

>I am for the second week joining in the lovely linky from Mummy, Daddy and Me Makes 3, it’s a great basic concept, just blog/journal the simple things from your past week, so that in years to come you can remember the little things of every day not just the big celebrations.

So my week was a busy one.

Monday saw the Hubby and I start out healthy life style kick, it also brought a big day as it was the 1st phone call in relation to Grayson’s special needs trike, so now I really need to get organised and make the Fun Day HUGE.

The week still ran with no boiler as they couldn’t come to install a new one till Wednesday, hubby had a busy day contending with 4 workman, the babies and 2 hrs of therapy for Grayson, whilst I was busy at work getting ready for an audit.

When I returned home on Wednesday Night, I was met with a brand new boiler that was broke, a burst pipe in the kitchen ceiling and a kitchen covered in wet plaster and mess.

Thursday morning we were up at the crack of dawn to let workmen in, as they had to be finished by 11am, so we could make the trip to Evelina Hospital, London to see Grayson’s neurologist (post to come) – we took a nice 10 minute walk as we were early seeing some sights and working off the naughty Krispy Kreme.

Mmm Krispy Kreme’s

Friday we had another 1/2 day of hospital visits for Grayson, which were much to be expected, but was super pleased to find when we picked Miss Addison up from Gamma’s that she was now full blown Crawling. Cousin Finley also popped over for a playdate.

Cousin Fin testing Grayson’s recliner

We had a PJ weekend this weekend.

1st’s this week

Addison started crawling
I did my 1st session of 30 Day Shred – Ouch

A very proud Grayson

Grayson ate biscuits three times – not baby biscuits – custard cream and a malted milk
Addy has white in the gums this evening

And the hubby and I both lost 2lbs – woohoo!

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  • Katie @mummydaddyme

    >Wow you have had a busy week. That sounds like a nightmare with the boiler, probably the last thing you needed, I hope it is sorted now. I love Krispy Kremes- they are so yummy.
    I can't believe that Addison is crawling- that is amazing! And also fab that you and hubby have lost 2lbs- well done you. One of my New Years Resolutions was to tone my tummy- I don't really need to lose weight but just need to tone, but so far I haven't done anything- I really need to as I am going on holiday in june and can't bear the thought of wearing a bikini!
    Thanks for linking up again- I love reading about the little things in your week. xx

  • multiplemummy

    >That really is a full on full and your levels of organisation amongst all the crazyiness that is going on, on top of that – I have no idea how you cope with it all. However it is the little things that keep you going isn't it, like Addison crawling, losing weigh (even if that is through stress) and seeing your nephew.

    Big hugs


  • Kelly Wiffin

    >What a busy week you have had! Oh Addison is crawling! How lovely! Congratulations on the weight loss x

    What a lovely smile Grayson has got!

    This is a fab idea and I think I have to start doing this, another thing for my daughter to look back on, what we have done x

  • Marvelous Mummy

    >Oh dear, I hope that you get the boiler sorted soon!

    I can't say I have ever tried Krispy Kremes, and now feel as though I must go and get some! haha

    It's lovely when they reach a milestone isn't it, he will be into everything now though! Bryce has just started walking so is so pleased that he can follow his big sister around. 🙂