Oh Crap!

I don’t know what to write here, but I feel like I need to write, I need to see it written. Actually I have already seen it written, as I Friday received a letter in the post, which made it all very real, set a date that means I now, even if I had been able to can not put it to the back of my mind.

Months ago I one day found a lump, but stupidly and I mean stupidly, ignored it, I thought it was just another sore throat with swollen glands, I was wrong.

Luckily or not I have been very unwell these past few weeks which led me to go and see the doctor, the night before my appointment, I lay in bed and felt the lump again, I thought well as I am there I must mention this to the doctor, as most things I thought it would be nothing to worry about, I was convinced that this was just me over worrying as always, but the second I saw my Doctors face I knew this time it was not the case.

The first words that he said “Kara it’s on your Thyroid” like this was something seriously important, I am clearly not sure if I should have known the importance, but now I do, the rest of the appointment is blurry, I didn’t ask the questions I should have as I was scared/frightened and in shock.

I got home to Ash and he could see the fear in my face, I think he knew straight away that I was frightened and that the doctor had made me that way.

So a week Monday on the 28th at 4pm I shall be walking into Ultrasound Department of my local hospital, as I did last week and shall be on the 8th Feb but this time it’s not for that reason, this time I won’t be seeing my little baby Sweetpea, this time I will be finding out ??? Shit I don’t know, but I know it will affect the rest of my life either way.

By the way this post is not for pity, I just need luck, as much as I can take, cause… yes I AM TERRIFIED!

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  • Big hugs to you and your family. I hope that it turns out to be benign like most lumps!

    Congrats on the baby by the way. XX

  • Oh Kara. Thank god you saw the doctor and have got an appointment! So wish you had seen a doc before but we all do silly things like this where our own health is concerned! I have no idea what it is or could be so I can’t offer any advice, reassurance etc but just send lots of love and hugs and know I am always here for you xxxxxx

  • My goodness. I am sending lots of positive thoughts your way. If you ever need to chat then I am here, I had a benign tumour in my parotid gland the year before last. Lots of hugs x

  • Alli Marshall

    Thank goodness you saw a doctor who has referred you straight away.

    My fingers are firmly crossed for you & remember I am always thinking of you.


  • Angela

    Sending big hugs and lots of positive thoughts! X x

  • Sending hugs and kisses to you and your family. Stay positive, I know that sounds near impossible right now but best not to stress yourself out and make yourself ill from worry. x

  • Don’t panic just yet, my thyroid problems were discovered in my first pregnancy.

    It’s quite common to have growths on your thyroid. It can be a sign of hyperthyroidism, but if so, that can be controlled with medication though depending on the type of hyperthyroidism may need further treatment.

    While there is a slim chance it could be something serious, it’s much more likely that they just want to make sure nothing is wrong. Thyroid problems can affect pregnancy, which probably concerns them – they’ll want to confirm that everything is safely under control.

  • Ditto Goldfish– thyroid issues can totally crop up in pregnancy and don’t jump to any conclusions. Even IF there is something more serious I’ve known several women with thyroid cancer (some diagnosed in pregnancy) who are 100% healthy now xoxoxo

  • I’m really sorry to hear this. i am in exactly the same boat, except I’m slightly ahead of you. The 28th is the date they are cutting mine out. I pray that yours is benign as much as I pray that mine is benign too. Big hugs. Xx

  • Honey, I don’t know what to say but I’m sending love to you by the bucket load. xx

  • I am so pleased you went to see the doctor. Sending lots of positive vibes and lots of hugs (((()))) xx

  • I wish I could jump in the car & just pop down the road to you for hugs!!! Love you lots lady x x x

  • Ruth

    Bless you Kara. Concentrate on the good bits and stay hopeful. Lots of positive stories above, sure all will be well. Thinking of you. Xxx

  • Kara

    Sending massive hugs lovely xxx

  • Oh Kara I have only just seen this. I will be thinking of you lots, and hope that everything turns out to be ok. I have no idea what all this means as I am not a doctor, but my mum has quite a bad thryoid problem so I can always ask her for advice for you. x

  • Tam

    it doesn’t rain for you my love it pours! sending good vibes to you – postive thinking xx