>Owww it hurts..

>I am a bit later in posting today, reason, I have been at the dentist this morning for my first ever Root Canal, it didn’t hurt too bad whilst having it done, but now the anaesthetic has worn off its sore.

But I am persevering, well have to busy day at work, but I thought I would sneak 5 minutes whilst at work to post about today’s ETSY listing.

I have chosen a beautiful set today using Thai Silver, Black Swarovski Crystals and Grey Swarovski Pearls, I love this set it shows how classic jewellery can be.
Swarovski Pearls are so gorgeous for the symmetry of then in difference to Freshwater Pearls and the light grey is just so pale and pretty.
I hope this set does go to a great home as it shows beads from all over the world united.

Link to Etsy

Can you believe only 2 days till I have alone time.


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  • Gemheaven

    >Wow love it classy and yet contempory!!


  • TinkerBlue


    I had my first root canal about 3 months ago now. The first 3 days after were the worst. The whole right side of my face looked like I’d lost in the boxing ring – swollen and black and blue. But then it got better really quickly.

    I still need to have a crown done to protect the tooth now.

  • bellacolle

    >OOh… I sorry! hope you feel better soon! lovely set by the way… very nice for evening…swanky.

  • Crafted Gems

    >ouch for the dentist visit

    but that jewellery set is beautiful

  • Stephanie

    >Ouch! I had a root canal back in January and it was definitely not fun! Take care of yourself!

  • Mary

    >Hope the tooth better

  • ancient one

    >Wow, both of us in the dentist office on the same day… I just got a cleaning BUT he found three things he wants to fix, so I’ll be going back on the 14th… That will be “ouch” time.