Living Arrows {21st July 2014}

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Our everyday is probably a little different, but that is ok, because with every scary or hard moment it brings a moment which warms the heart.

Grayson had a hard week, but in true Grayson style he beat every expectation we as parents had for him, he in true Grayson style was a Superhero, he has been doing a lot of that lately.

Although I sobbed hard silently for the 5 minutes after he was put to sleep in Ashley’s arms, feeling angered that my little boy had to do this again, when he came round he was like any other little boy, all he needed was Daddy and Mummy cuddles, selfishly I have to say I enjoyed this so much, not his pain but the most intense cuddles I have felt from my little boy in a very long time.


As Ashley cradled our eldest son I stopped, seeing Grayson sigh with relief and sink into his Daddy’s hold, he may not be able to communicate with us, but for that moment he did, for that moment he said thank you for being here Daddy to look after me. 

Don’t forget to check out all the beautiful children growing each week with the help of the Living Arrows project from I Heart Snapping – in particular this week I want to send you onto one of the Living Arrow contributors blogs – Emily – Emily is a truly gifted Photographer and her boys touch my heart each and every day. You will not meet a more beautiful person than Emily on your travels.

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The Ordinary Moments – Birthday Beach Fun

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As it was Mr Innocent Charmer’s Birthday on Friday and the weather was glorious we decided a trip to the Beach was a great idea.

We already had a child free day planned to London on Saturday so we wanted to do something that was nice for all of us, we live 30 minutes from the beach but don’t go very often, in fact this was Addison and Deacon’s first real time, they have been for Fish N Chips on the seafront but not a full beach experience.

Ash and the boys at the beach

Daddy and his boys

We played Sandcastles, paddled our feet in the sea, ran with the wind in our hair and ate a picnic lunch.

Grayson walked and walked, loving the feel of sand between his toes, he even braved the crashing waves, being such a Superhero and loving the whole adventure.

Grayson and Ashley at the Beach

This is going on the wall

Addison is so a beach baby, she was so enthralled by the whole experience and was so disappointed when we had to leave, it was so beautiful watching her experience everything I did as a child living on the Kentish Seaside.

Addison the beach baby

Deacon on the other hand hated the whole thing, he is a little wussy with new adventures still, I am hoping over the next few months he will change a little, maybe he is like his Mummy and prefers a pebble beach.

Paddling with Grayson

Paddling with my big boy – miracles do come true!

It was as perfect as it gets (other than way to many sand flies) I really felt so proud watching my 2 big babies enjoy the day so much, I am sure we will be visiting a lot more when the Sun returns.

Day at the beach

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Me and You {July 2014}

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Happy Birthday Mr Innocent Charmer - 37 years young!

Time as a couple is crucial, life is hard, especially lately, so to have an hour, 2 or a whole day just the two of us is very precious.

We were very lucky that the Grandparents offered to have the kids for the day so I could treat Ashley to a trip to London for his Birthday, the Mr loves the Big Smoke, he loves to walk round, people watch, shop and most importantly we love to eat in peace.

As it was his Birthday we decided on a special treat to, which was a trip up The Shard – it is on my Day Zero Project list and I am so glad I finally got to treat him to it as he has been wanting to for an age.

The Shard

I am not good with heights, but surprisingly The Shard did not bother me at all, in fact it was pretty awesome, I would recommend it, although much better on a clear day you can see further.

I love that Ashley totally embraces my blogging life, my selfies and many a please take a photo for the blog moment. I know not all men would like to be plastered all over the internet but he does not mind.

Me and You - The Shard

Here is to another year and another Birthday, the big 40 is going to be so so special, I have plans!

Don’t forget to check out all the gorgeous couples that join in with Lucy’s Me and You project each month.

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What I Wore – Family Day of Fun

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Where has Summer gone ? Well in Kent it has been replaced with cold and rain, I mind neither other than it is July and we have packed away the winter clothes.

On Saturday I took Addison to a trampoline party in the morning (in which I had to get on and bounce – eek), I knew we would be heading straight out for dinner with my Dad so my outfit had to be suitable for all tasks.

I love this Kimono, it has featured in 2 What I Wore posts before now and it really can be worn in many looks, the neon touches are so me. As it was raining my Boots came back out, they are super comfy and I love the edgy look they have.


Outfit Details

Glasses – D & G

Kimono – New Look at ASOS

Tee – H & M

Skirt – Indigo at M & S

Leggings – Next

Boots – Fly London


I also used my gorgeous new Zatchel which was on sale, it is such good quality


Up close detail of my gorgeous Necklace, it was a custom design made for myself and Ashley for our Wedding anniversary by my beautiful friend Jo, check out here for more details, you will not be disappointed.

I quite like this outfit, I just need some new leggings, all of mine fit badly and I use them as a staple for so many outfits, if you know of any good ones please do tell.

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