The Kiddies/Living Arrows //Seven

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Isn’t it crazy to think we are in week 7 already ? 2015 is going by so fast, it frightens me a little as I am not ready for Addison to start school this year but it will be there before I know it.

living arrows

Grayson - The superhero managed an ok week, we are having some epilepsy issues at night and are awaiting emergency EEG hopefully for the end of month. He is so fed up of me taking pictures, eye contact is a real struggle for him, especially with me but he has been trying very hard and I feel so honoured.

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Addison - You are growing far too quickly, I am sorry you are struggling so much with me being at work at the moment, I wish you would understand I would rather be with you everyday. It was lovely to get out for such a fun day this weekend, you love being out and about and the centre of attention.

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Deacon - My little boy how we struggle together, you are a boy of 2 moods and no in between. My tiny little midget though who seems to never grow, it is quite nice as you are still like my tiny baby, even fitting in Pampers boxes with room to move.

As always I am joining up with the awesome Living Arrows project – go take a look at so much greatness!

Living Arrows

Vlogging – Being Inspired

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Vlogging is something I always play around with on a very small, naive scale. Quick little video for a review, or a cute snippet of the kids.

I love the idea of Vlogging more, but I have no skills, I am constantly watching YouTube and being inspired, even more so in 2015 as my great friends My Two Mums set themself a mammoth challenge.

For the whole of 2015 they are Vlogging their every day, every day – yep 365 daily Vlogs, seriously how amazing is that? It takes an immense amount of work and time to film and edit a video, both Kirsty and Clara work full-time jobs as well as being full-time Mummies so I applaud them.

We watch the Vlogs every evening, it has become a little ritual for Addison and I, before bed she always says to me “Is there another Kirsty and Clara video?”, we love seeing how they live their lives, seeing the Little Dude have adventures, they are such good friends but as they live over 3 hours away we do not get to see them often so this allows us to get a glimpse of what they have been doing and sharing it with them.

I really urge you to go check out their YouTube channel, you will not be disappointed, seeing someones every day makes you realise that really your life is not that manic and you are not failing, as everyone is in the same boat. They are sharing their highs and lows, they have so many fun things happening this year, new car and now a new home.

So to say thank you, my little family and I decided to do our own daily VLOG – it was actually a week ago Sunday now (yep that’s how long it took me to do this awful edit). But we enjoyed it, it really is nothing super fun or exciting but it shows our everyday.

What did you think ? As I said I need some real lessons on filming and editing but the kids really enjoyed it and are watching it over and over. If you VLOG please leave me links below as I am on the look for new YT Channels to watch.

What I Am Rocking #2

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We went out on a date night Friday, then met up with friends and didn’t get home till gone Midnight – the insanity.

My outfit featured many of the basics from my Birthday outfit I shared last week as the top is just so lovely, comfortable and versatile but I had to share my accessories as they are awesome!

plus size fashion

* Glasses – Select Specs

* Lipstick – Chanel

* Necklace – Oliver Bonas

* Top – Wallis

* Jeans – Forever 21

* Boots – Topshop

* Clutch – DP’s (gift)


I bought this Necklace on Thursday whilst waiting in London at the Train Station, it was my first time going into Oliver Bonas (and it was only a tiny one) I was so torn whether to buy it as money is tight but it was over half price and I love large bright jewellery, I am so glad I did as I love it, it brightens up such a classic outfit and I know I will wear a great deal. The clutch was a gift from my baby brother for Xmas, he knows I love bright colours and clutches, he actually bought me 2, I can’t wait to use the other one as it has fringing.

So would you wear such a big necklace ? Have you seen any great oversized clutches on your travels ?

The Kiddies/Living Arrows // Six

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Well that was a better week! I am not sure I can put down in words what happened with Grayson and how it effected Ashley and I, I really thought I had lost my son again, it has happened once before and although 3 years ago I still have not come to terms with it, so when the thought of loosing yet another part of his personality, what makes him – him I was honestly terrified.

The only saving grace is that we now have an emergency apt this Thursday with his Neuro team in London as we believe it maybe epilepsy related.

Grayson smiling

Grayson - Oh to have this smile return, you had put so much fear into my heart, I know you did not mean to but my baby I am always here to help and protect you as best as I can. You have been such a good boy these past days, eating like a trooper, smiling at your favourite Mickey and even for the first time in a year allowing me a kiss! Thanks you.

Living Arrows

Addison - You are growing so quickly, I am so sad for how much fear you seem to be experiencing, but I am sure with time we will learn to control it. I love spending time with you one on one, the little things you say, agreeing I am your best friend. Saturday we ran some errands and found this duck pond, your love of animals is beautiful and we could not walk past and leave the ducks hungry. I promise we shall return their many times over the next months to see your happiness.


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Deacon – How you love to spend time with people one on one, you are an altogether different child for everyone except me. I loved so much receiving this picture of you and Granny baking, you were a total trooper, I knew you had part of me in you. You have been so funny trying to learn new words this week, of course words you need are just boring, instead you have learnt, Tooshie, disaster and choo choo, everything else just isn’t as fun.

As with each week of my children’s tales I am linking up to the very awesome Living Arrows project go see some seriously amazing talent and don’t miss out.

Living Arrows
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