#AandK10YearsinLove – 6 Weeks and Counting

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I can not believe we only have 6 weeks, I am feeling a little sick with panic, nothing is really done, well apart from in my head and on Pinterest, now I need to make it real.

But some great real things have happened this week and I am excited to share with you.

So the venue is confirmed, we went to have a look and it is pretty perfect for our tiny budget, the hall has totally been renovated and is very pretty, it has a nice small outside area which we can hopefully get some photos in – on the subject of photos I am super excited as Kirsty of My Two Mums is coming up (with her family of course) and has offered to be photographer for the day – do head over and check out her blog, she takes beautiful natural shots and being a good friend I know I shall feel comfortable.

I ordered a dress, from eBay none the less at a bargain price, I knew I had wanted a 50’s Tea dress style and this fit the bill, I feel unsure since it has arrived and still haven’t tried it on, but hopefully it will be nice and my Stepmum is going to be altering a little for my taste.

plus size 50's dress

So the most exciting thing this week was the arrival of our invites, The Card Gallery heard of our renewal and offered to print us some invites, their website is super easy to use and has an amazing amount of choice for brilliant prices.

the card gallery

As we are going for a Vintage Cream Tea feel event I knew I wanted the invites to reflect that, when I saw the Peony (my favourite flower) vintage postcard style invites I was won over. The whole process from design, proof to arriving took less than a week – I can not thank them enough.

So I finally found some outfit choices for the kids to wear, our colours are Pink, Blue and White, I wanted them to be comfy, funky and pretty all at once, I want to reflect their personalities. I decided on this beautiful Tutu from Miss Francis for Addison after Katie suggested them, now to decide what to wear on top, any suggestions ???

Dusky Pink Tutu

Picture Property of Miss Francis

I always knew the boys would wear patterned shirts just like their Daddo, Ash loves a patterned shirt (we call them Alfie Moon shirts) and I love him in one, so after a bit of searching I have found these 2 at Monsoon, but can’t decided which to choose, the blue has little woodland animals in the design and the pink is Paisley.

Monsoon Boys Shirts

We also had the most amazing email from BUMPPR, if you follow me online you will know I love working with the girls at BUMP, they are such sweethearts, always going above and beyond and this week even more so, they have kindly offered to buy from a local baker the Cupcakes for the day, I decided on Cupcakes instead of a traditional cake as this is a renewal and will fit perfectly with our theme. They will be pride of place on the dessert table, yes you read right we are having a whole table of desserts as they are the best bit.

I can’t say thanks enough to BUMP, it is such  generous gesture, everyone knows the BUMP girls love cake so it will be lovely to have a part of them with us on our big day.

Today I am off charity shopping, I am on the look out for glass bottles, jam jars, teacups, fabric and whatever else jumps out at me. Let’s hope I have some success, as there is so much to do.

Wondering what my ideas are for the style, then come check out my Pinterest board and follow me on Bloglovin for more posts.

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#NYNYStyleProject {October 2014}

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Can you believe it is October already, I love Autumn, it is my favourite season, hot chocolate, cozy nights in and wooly warmers.

As it is a new month it is time for a new prompts for the awesome style project #NYNYStyleProject.

I became part of the team last month and although I did not manage all the prompts this month it has always inspired me massively and I have met some great new Instagram friends along the way.

Fellow team member Carissa designed the picture this month, I always have such style envy with Carissa’s pictures.

I am feeling inspired by the prompts this month, they are very me, especially the fact we have made Monday’s #manicuremondays – after the success of featuring last month we were pleased by how it inspired many of you to take 5 and have some me time, so come have it every week girls.


If you want to know more about how the project works head to the creators aka Katy’s post here and if you still have a question pop it below.

I hope you all have fun taking part, I can’t wait to be inspired.

Here’s my photos from September – enjoy!

Addy’s Rocking #2

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I love dressing my kids, I am sure if you have ever followed me online you will know that, I of course shop many places as there is too much greatness on the market but this week Addy’s outfit is 2 of my fave brands and one of my fave shops.

toddler fashion kids fashion


Dress – Little Bird By Jools – MotherCare

Tights – Slugs and Snails from Kyna Boutique

Trainers – Converse from Office (Dirty from walking in the woods)



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Style Me Sunday

Badge for TTT, Badge

Deacon’s 1st Haircut

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My little boy aged 6 months on Friday as he got his first haircut. Out of my 3 he went the longest without one, Grayson had his 6 months and Addison had a fringe cut in at a year, honestly I would have left Deacon’s a little longer, I liked the little curls, his hair is so fine it didn’t look bad but Ashley was determined.

Deacons first haircut

Sitting like a big boy

Deacon haircut

Mummy what is she doing ?



Although I don’t mind as he does look super cute, all be it now like a boy and not my baby.


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