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Right or wrong my kids are snackers! It used to upset me terribly but I have learnt to deal with it a little, they always have a good breakfast and one hot meal a day but I do not worry if that is it.

One thing I do have quite a strong opinion on though is that the majority of snacks are healthy ones. Addison loves fruit, she will eat easily 5 pieces a day so I rarely have to worry, Deacon is a little harder and would love a biscuit in hand all day but he loves squeezy fruit pouches and would live on his soya yoghurt.

Addison has stopped eating many yoghurt, I think they are just to boring for her to sit and eat, she likes to be on the go and a lot of the time we are with school/work runs and many hospital trips. A yoghurt is not really ideal in these situations.

When The Collective contacted us back in May 2014 with the launch of Suckies we loved putting them to the test, check out our views, they had some cons but basically they were a massive WIN.

Fast forward 10 months and we still buy Suckies every few weeks when we head to Sainsburys, we would have them more if some of the other supermarkets sold them, but thankfully they have a great use by dates on them so it isn’t usually a problem, they are ideal for her to snack on in the car on school runs as I am a little OCD about mess in the car or out and about.

the collective

So we were excited when The Collective sent us their new Blueberry flavour to test out…

This delicious new innovation from The Collective is the only blueberry children’s yoghurt available in the UK and ten percent of each pouch (10g) comprises of the vibrant and antioxidant-rich fruit.

Blueberries are one of nature’s wonders and, despite their size, they are filled with a multitude of health benefits. These little berries are particularly good for little ones and now it’s easier than ever to get the kids to eat them.

Well I have to agree, Addy used to love Blueberries but in the last year does not eat them anymore, but thanks to her loving the Blueberry Suckies she has decided to try them again – woohoo.

Instead of me raving on let Addison tell you what she thought in this video…

So do head out and give them a go, I think they are a great snack for kids, Suckies only contains sugars from fruit, no pips, bits, colours, artificial flavourings, preservatives, or GM ingredients allowed! So no nasties! 

They can be found in Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Booths, Nisa and Tesco (RRP 79p per pouch).

The Kiddies/Living Arrows //Ten

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It’s Monday so it is time to reflect on the week my little people have had and to be inspired by all the wonderful people who join in with the lovely Hayley’s weekly linkup #LivingArrows.


Grayson - This superhero would not allow for any pictures on his own this week, but this is still an everyday reflection, actually if you had said to me a year ago he would be standing (kinda) to have a picture with his siblings I probably would not have believed you. It has been a hard week for him, suffering a great deal during the night, but for some unknown reason he is finally after 2 years letting me back in a little to be his Mummy and that is AWESOME.


Addison - My little animal lover, you were so excited when you saw these Dog statues at the garden centre, you begged me for one to take home and cuddle, you really did not get why this could not happen, but thankfully the Frozen puzzle diverted your attention. On the subject of puzzles you are so your Mummy’s daughter, happily doing them for hours way advanced of your 3 little years. You have been crazy for Madagascar 3 this week, watching it with Daddo countless times, it has made us even more sure to take you on a date to the cinema some time soon.


Deacon - You really are the king of selfies – another this week and what a cracker! This is your cheese face, whenever a camera or phone comes out you are on it. You are such a cheeky little devil and really are testing every last nerve that Daddo and I have, but also the cutest with cuddles. You are currently learning to climb and no where is safe, I found you on the kitchen side the other day – eek!

So what have your little kiddies been up to ? Leave me links to come and check out.

Living Arrows

#ICCMoves / WallPops Review & Giveaway

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uk home blogger


When you live in a rented property you still want to make it your own. It is likely we will never again own our own home, so we have spent a great deal of time figuring out how to make the houses we live in personal to us. I am massively into Interior Design so when WallPops UK contacted me I was super excited.

I had not heard of their Wall Stickers before, I was over the moon at how much choice they had for every room in  the house and even more amazingly the price of their stickers, they are seriously brilliant.

So what did we think of the stickers when they arrived and are they easy to put up?

We received 2 packs of stickers, the Alphabet Zoo for Addison and Deacon’s room and Choose Happiness quote for our Kitchen. Both were under £20 and brilliant quality.

So here is a video of the Mr and I putting the stickers up and our thoughts….

Think it shows we really love them, we are seriously impressed, they are much better than wall stickers we have used before, we loved them so much I bought some of their Jonathon Adler ones to put up in our bedroom, which I LOVE.

wallpops review

So do you have a room which could use some jazzing up, maybe the kids room, or one of their white board notice board stickers for the kitchen, the choice is endless and the awesome people at WallPops have offered a £25 gift voucher to one of you lucky folk.

Just fill in the rafflecopter below and good luck.

UK Residents over the age of 18 only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


*PR Sample

Food |Celebrating Pie Week with Higgidy – Giveaway

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Did you know it is Pie Week ? Yep from 2nd-8th March it is all about celebrating Pies!

Higgidy asked if I could help them to spread the Pie Love and I of course was not going to say no.

You may remember back in October last year they ran a competition where you had to submit your own pie recipe which Higgidy would then reproduce, well a lovely blogger who I love to read Tracy of White Lily Green won with her Hand Pulled Pork and Sweet Potato Pie. It hit the shops this week and Higgidy kindly sent me 4 to put to the test.

We had my Stepmum and Dad over to celebrate her Birthday last night and with it being Pie Week I thought this was the best time to try our Higgidy’s new pies.

higgidy giveaway

They were awesome, such great strong flavours, well made and beautiful to look at, considering my Stepmum is a seriously good cook, her praise of “best pie I have tasted in years” was a seriously strong comment. So much so she was off to find one to buy this week.

But you do not have to go and buy as the lovely people at Higgidy have given me a great Pie Week prize for you to try to win.

They want you to also cook up a storm and brush up on your pie making skills with the aid of a Higgidy Cookbook featuring 100 recipes, whilst you bake said pies to save your clothes they have also enclosed a Higgidy apron, but the fun doesn’t stop there, if you don’t fancy getting your bake on then they have also included 4 Higgidy Pie Vouchers, so you can see if you agree with my verdict.

Pulled Pork Comp

Higgidy believe there is nothing better than homemade, which is why they bake their pies in small batches, fill them with ingredients just like you would use in your kitchen at home and finish every one by hand. So simply fill in the rafflecopter below for a chance to win….


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Do read the terms and conditions, remembering this is only open to UK Residents over the age of 18.

Good luck and I look forward to hearing all of your favourite pies.

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