>Please don’t leave me


My that sounds a bit dramatic doesn’t it, well its not really.

I know one of my promises was this year to be a better blogger, but so far I do not seem to be succeeding, I mean its one day shy of a week since my last post, but in all fairness I do have a viable excuse.
I shall list them so you feel sorry for me LOL.
1. My mom is really poorly at the mo, with a terrible viral infection that has lowered her immune system, so I have been trying to help her when I can, which apologies Mom has not been enough – bad daughter.
2. I work for my family as some of you may know, well we aren’t a large company but have enough work in our office for 6 people at the mo we are down to 3 1/2 and guess who has taken all the extra yes that’s right me, so I am not getting home till well after 6.30pm (with my 45 min drive) and by the time I do dinner and the chores I can not seem to get the energy to do anything exciting in my craft room, which frankly is getting me down.
3. I am also still poorly myself, as most of you know, I have whinged about having an infection since begin of December and it has still not left my little body, even though I am vit C full and had anti biotic.

So all in all there are my excuses, I have included below some piccy’s of Kieron’s 2nd dinner the other night, which because of poorly Mom I helped her cook (although she did way too much and then got very ill again) but at least she made a very scrummy Banana/Chocolate Cake. Kier got 3 original 1960/70’s tweed jackets from my Ma and her squeeze which are just totally vintage awesome and I am super jealous.

Well as I said nothing special but just to let you all know, I do want to be a good blogger and hopefully next week I will have something better to show you.

Love to all

P.S. Hey Blogger Babes who is this going too, watch your mailboxes.

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  • Gemheaven

    >Ohhh Kara I know how hard it is to keep up with my blog and I’m home!! Take care of yourself and your family and I’ll be waiting for when you do post!!
    Your brothers jackets are soo cool!!

  • jeanetta

    >dont bee so hard on yourself. life happens and well if blogging is at the top of your list then thats a really sad life. 🙂
    we are still here to listen when youget the chance to shout out.

  • katydiddy


    It’s good that you are living life, as well as blogging about it! Don’t worry, we’ll be here for you when you post. Everyone get better please!

  • Rosemary

    >Hi Kara,
    I hope your mom feels better soon.
    Don’t work too hard.
    Blog when you can.

  • Brandi

    >awww, kara! i wish i could give you a big hug. i hope you and your mom feel better, pronto.

  • Jewellery Craft

    >Poor sweetie! I know how you feel at the mo, have the most disgusting cold and my glands are all up AGAIN….
    Hope you feel better soon and mum too, your blogs always make me smile!!

    Mand xx

  • BellaColle

    >Oh luv!
    Don’t worry about a thing! I hope you and your mother feel better fast!! #1 is ill today too..I’m making some chicken soup for him..I wish I could send some your way!!
    Snazzy sportcoats! glad your bro had an excellent Birthday.

  • Genevieve Olsen

    >I am sorry you and your Mum are feeling poorly,I hope that you are both on the mend soon! It is hard to blog or at least blog things that you want to when you want to I sooo get that !Take your time we will be here when you have time! Have a great weekend I am off to sort out my troops girlscout cookie orders ack!!!!

  • BeckyKay

    >Thanks for your comment yesterday! Don’t worry! I haven’t gotten around to listing that bag yet! LOL!

  • Mary

    >Kara I have been a bad blogger too and have no excuses except its January (hate January) You are totally forgiven but look foward to more news as and when

  • Natasha

    >Hi kara,

    Good to hear from you, yes I remember you and I shouldn’t worry about keeping up to date with your blogs. I ‘m just as rubbish and I always promise to keep them up to date and never get around to it. Anyway hope teh sales are picking up for you, I’m trying to get more but I’m rubbish at updating stuff!!
    speak to you soon
    tasha xx