Raising A Superhero | No Fair, But We Will Sort It!


Another fall, another head injury, another time your school fail you.

If you were Addison they would care, there would be questions, but it’s ok if the disabled kid falls. It’s not!!!!

You are not a second-rate citizen, you are my son and deserving of a normal life, as much as you can.

I am angry, I feel a loss of trust, I need to trust the people who care for my baby.

But there is no alternative, the only alternative is home school. I fear this would set you back, I fear this would stop you having any fun, I fear that we would have no respite. But your safety will win.

On June 26th I will fight your corner again! I am sure it will be pointless, I will be made to look neurotic. But I will fight hard.

special needs

As I stood looking at you tonight, my beautiful little human, I feel a pang of anger, why can you not talk, I want to hear that voice, I wonder how it sounds.

How you would say Mummy?

But then you smile sweetly in your sleep, I hope you dream wonderfully, deeply, magically. You are my superhero, you make my heart grow, you make me proud. I hope I do you.

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  • mummydaddyme

    You are amazing Kara. And so is Grayson. I completely and utterly admire the way you fight for your boy. x

    • Thank you lovely, that’s what us good mums do isn’t it, good friends is what helps me going so thank you xx

  • Lucy

    Oh Kara, he absolutely is not a second class citizen. It’s not okay for any child to fall and hurt themselves, in fact I’d argue it’s worse for a disabled child where it could be so much more dangerous and where the adult to pupil ratio should be so much better than for able bodied children. Keep fighting for your superhero… it’s takes one to know one and Grayson has learned how to fight his superhero fight from a total pro!!! x

    • See I agree with you Lucy, he already has brain damage so is high risk for more, but it would seem the school diagree. Thank you so much for such lovely words, I am like any Mum a superhero in a hidden cape, I will fight till the day I no longer can xx

  • Happy Homebird

    Makes me so angry, it really does. My autistic son is at home, no school and I would move if I could to find him the right school. It’s really hard when you have little choice for our special rays of sunshine. Good luck with your meeting x

  • That is shocking. He is an amazing little dude and should not be treated this way. Good luck lovely and here for you x