Scan Day – A Magical Day Stolen

So I am sure most of you will agree that scan day is one of the most magical when you are pregnant, but honestly the Sonographer I had today took that from me. All she has left me with is a lot of heartache and a serious amount of panic and worry.

I do hope I will be able to get a private scan this weekend and hopefully try to put my mind at rest.

Maybe the next scan I will get to video, I wish I had been allowed to video today’s and you could all have seen how bad it was.

I am hugely thankful for all your support.


Baby SweetPea’s Gender Reveal VLOG

Thank you all.

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  • Cathy Glynn

    Oh Kara I don’t know what to say! That is awful, I think you should complain. Please try and not worry too much, I am sure sweet pea is fine, much love to you all x x

  • Zoe Lester

    Sorry to hear the scan didn’t go we’ll. how rude of the sonographer, are you able to complain? Hope you are able to get a private scan to ease some of the worry. Big hugs x

  • Kara

    I’m so sorry you got the sonographer you didn’t want and I am praying that you manage to get another scan very soon.
    My little one was very still on my first scan and knowing your story made me worry, but on the next he was punching and kicking – I truly hope that he just took offence to the sonographer and hid! (Hoping that comment makes you smile)
    If you need to talk then shout – I’m here and sending all my love and hugs to you all xxxx

  • Oh hunnie I am so sorry! I was in tears watching ur Vlog. I hope everything is ok & u can get a private scan soon. Sonographees can be so hartless im sure they just see their job as a conveyor belt of scans & not the beautiful people they are talking too full of hope & fear at what they will find out. Hugs to you all x x x,

  • Oh Kara, I’m so sorry that things didn’t all go well at your scan. I know how excited you were and that somehow makes all the disappointments even worse.
    I won’t even tell you to try not to worry, because I know it won’t make any difference. I have a tendency to over think things, over worry and nothing will change my mind about something until I’m given solid proof and I’m sure you’ll continue to worry until you have your next scan. Plus I know that pregnancy is just a worrying time in general, especially given your history with Grayson.
    But do try not to let it take your joy away. You are having a beautiful baby boy Kara. Grayson and Addison are going to have a baby brother. And whatever happens that baby is extremely lucky to be joining such a fantastic and strong family with you and Ashley as parents.

  • Emma MacNeil

    sorry if this comment is a bit long but kara honey im absolutely livid for you! i cannot believe how nasty the sonographer was! if i was you i would honestly write a complaint because thats really not on. She cannot get away with speaking to someone like that even without your previous history. The fact she totally disregarded your concerns is appalling! Even if she wasnt able to see things clear enough she could have been more sympathetic and helpful and in my opinion, rather than saying you’ll have to see your dr, she could have got a dr to see you while you were there to help answer your questions!
    Im so so sorry your having to go through even more worry now. Really hope your friend manages to get you in for scan over the weekend and i pray that everything is ok. I know given the history woth grayson that this probably wont be much comfort to you but with this pregnancy i was around 23/24 weeks before i started feeling definate fetal movements whereas it had been 16weeks with Aidan.
    Sending all my love to you Ash and the kids and I pray everything will be ok with baby sweetpea xxxxx

  • Thisdayilove

    Im so sorry, what a horrible experience. She should reassure your concerns not just dismiss them and to call you overweight doesn’t that class as some form of verbal bullying? I hope you manage a private appointment in a more relaxed environment

  • Snafflesmummy

    Firstly I am loving your hair.myour looking gorgeous.

    The way you have been treated is appealing. I would be putting in a formal complaint. I would also be on the phone first thing Monday to complain as well and request an earlier date or be put on the cancellation list. They are supposed to be trained to deal with all eventualities, scanning with children in the room is not difficult.

    Sending you lots of hugs.

  • Laura (_g3)

    Oh sweetheart. What a horrible experience. Your video brought tears to my eyes. Firstly, absolutely get a private scan. I had a private scan and found it very informative & useful. Secondly, definitely complain to PALS about the sonographer. It’s not acceptable and you may prevent other women from having an equally awful experience. It’s inexcusable. When you talk about the terminology ‘lazy boy’ it made me cringe. I was told that repeatedly about Oscar. I had normal foetal movements but I knew something wasn’t right with Oscar from a few weeks old. He was so floppy and not interactive and it only got worse and became more obvious to me. I started to think I was going crazy; a neurotic, panicking first-time mother. If I had a pound for everytime I was told I was being silly, that he’s just a lazy boy, that he’ll do things in his own time, stop worrying,, that there is nothing wrong with him… etc etc. My heart goes out to you. I can imagine being in a very similar position to you in the future. You are so fantastic & strong. All my love xxxxx

  • So sorry to hear about your scan experience. I had a couple of bad scans when pregnant with the twins and I truly believe it depends on the person operating the machine! If you can bear it, you should complain as it’s not right that this person can treat people in this way. Its so hard not to worry as well so I hope you get your private scan this weekend and that it puts your mind to rest. It’s normal to think the worst particularly with your past experiences but actually you had an inept sonographer who couldn’t do her job properly so try not to worry until you know more. Take care x

  • I am sorry to hear about this. I really can’t believe the attitude of the person that scanned you. You should make a complaint. I hope you get a private scan soon and get a better experience and get better news. I would never go back to that place again if that happened to me.

    Take care x

  • Hi Kara, I have only been reading your blog about a week but I just wanted to comment and say I’m so sorry that your scan wasn’t a nice experience. You are right, it is meant to be magical and you have been really let down by someone who is meant to be a professional. I really hope you get the answers you need and some peace of mind xx

  • The sonographer was unbelievably rude. A 20 week scan should be a wonderful experience yet her attitude ruined it. 🙁

    I hope the next scan is better for you lovely and baby is ok x

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  • I actually want to give that sonographer the biggest mouthful in the world. How bloody dare she treat you with such little respect and care; shocking, shocking behaviour. And to blame your size is absolute bollocks! I was a size 20/22 when I was pregnant with The Boy and the only time it was mentioned was when the cheeky midwife was trying to see if he was engaged at my due date. It sounds like this *woman* is rubbish at her job and was using anything but her incompetence as being the reason she was failing. I hope you get the answers you need at your private scan.

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