Sharing Happiness – Superstar Grayson

Less than a month ago this little boy, the boy they said would probably never walked took his 1st unaided steps, when school told us I had a lump in my throat, when a few days later he shared 5 steps with us I sobbed. I knew he would walk, but if you had asked me a year ago I would have said in many years, if you had asked me a month ago I would have said maybe by Christmas, but even I was wrong.

Two weekends ago whilst away I had a message from Mr.Innocent Charmer saying “you won’t believe how much Grayson is walking” then my Dad videoed for me, Grayson’s Pops is probably the most proud I think, Grayson and my Dad have a beautiful connection.

So I am sharing as I know Grayson has an awful lot of people who love him dearly and will appreciate this.

Amazing isn’t it ? But that isn’t my Sharing Happiness – I hear you cry, what could be better ?

Well last week we headed to London to see Grayson’s hip surgeon, due to his disabilities Grayson has DDH – Developmental Dysplasia of The Hips, also the muscles that connect the hip joints were too short meaning he couldn’t stand straight, we knew walking should have hopefully helped progress his hips, the question would be if he would need surgery sooner rather than the predicted later when he couldn’t walk.

raising for grayson

Well imagine everyone’s surprise when his specialist confirmed he shall not be touching Grayson’s hips, they have corrected themselves to a safe range not needed to operate, not only that the muscles which were looking at 90% need of surgery are also lengthening, he is not 100% out of the woods but certainly for the foreseeable future – never in Grayson’s 5 short years has he ever improved meaning he wouldn’t need intervention, it has always been quite the opposite.

Our baby boy is self-healing, more importantly the little boy who has been through countless ops, will not need to stop walking, will not need to be cast, will not need to be cut open. He really is a SUPERHERO!

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  • Sonia

    That is just so amazing Kara! Way to go Grayson, prove them all wrong {Much love} xxx

    • Thanks, can’t wait to get him out on the trike this year, he is going to be so strong in it x

  • Lauren_W

    Tears are in my eyes. Such a special amazing boy. I can’t believe it, look how much he has progressed since I saw him at the Bump party. I bet you can’t stop watching him. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. Such a superstar xx

    • Massive isn’t it, I went away for 36 hours and the difference was huge xxx

  • Katie @mummydaddyme

    He’s so amazing Kara. You should be so very proud of him!

  • Katie @mummydaddyme

    He’s so amazing Kara. You should be so very proud of him!

  • Oh My God I cried. He’s amazing! Really amazing.

  • Ruth Davies Knowles

    Wow! He looks so happy with himself and so he should be! And is that your Dad’s voice? He sounds so gentle and lovely! x

    • Thanks lovely, I think you are right, he deco seems very pleased when he walks, yep that’s my Dad, always a gentle voice for his big boy