Siblings {April 2014}

dear beautiful

It started well, bathtime was done, PJ’s were on, they played nicely in Deacon’s cot…..

Siblings April (1)

Then Deacon wanted Addison’s doll, Grayson wanted Mickey Mouse and they spotted the camera….

Siblings April (2)

And then Daddy pulled out his Camera too, pure hysteria!!!!

Siblings April (3)

The funny part is Ashley and I burst into laughter, awful aren’t we, but seriously in a space of one minute they went from sweetness to screams, how can kids who have had cameras in their faces since birth be so anti them, but in all fairness to them they all do have Chicken Pox or as Addy calls them “Boobies” (she is trying to say Bobos).

Hopefully May will finally please bring some healthy times for us, we really do need it, but if not I am sure Mr Innocent Charmer and I can manage another giggle fueled by over the top Drama.

Do go check out all the other posts, I have been this morning and there are some real beauts, I blog in an awesome community.


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  • Sonia

    LOL that’s hysterical! I would have laughed too! Bless them 🙂

    Gorgeous kiddies xx

  • That’s so funny capturing the full swing and change of moods! #siblings

  • mummydaddyme

    We do the same Kara, I often can’t help but laugh when the girls get in strops. It’s funny sometimes cause they get so worked up! And my girls hate the camera. Sometimes they tolerate it but more often than not they hate it. I have to be like a super sleuth now to catch them unawares. You will look back and laugh about these photos in years to come and that’s why blogging is so special. Just capturing ordinary life! x

  • AnnieMammasaurus

    Mine go through phases – they either love it and ask for photos to be taken or they hide from the camera. Personally I love photos of kids crying – always good to capture all the emotions!

  • Lauren_W

    This made me laugh too. I love how you’ve done it as a little timeline. Children can be so funny without meaning to be x

  • This made me laugh, mine can go from playing nice to crying instantly too, glad you included the bottom one too 🙂 xxx

  • Oh bless them!! This did make me laugh too, they are so gorgeous xx

  • Lol aww, poor kiddos. I hope they are better soon. If it were me, I’d frame that one of them all pouting! Even if they hated me for it, haha.