Siblings {March 2014}

I love taking part in Lucy’s photo challenges each month, I wish I made sure I did it every month but my kids are not good in front of the camera as this months 2 photos show.

dear beautiful

Siblings, I really enjoy as I think it gives a great comparison to show how much they are growing as well as forcing me into trying to get that elusive up on the wall picture (one day soon hopefully).

I tried twice this month to get photos, the 1st came by chance, Addison and Deacon were lying together before bed and laughing as Deacon has just started taking to sliding along the floors and he had got himself stuck, next thing I know Grayson bum shuffles towards them, the only thing I could reach was my iPad so the shots are blurry and this was the best. I kinda love it though as it will always remind me of it happening and strangely enough Grayson and Addy ended up in matching PJ’s so I like that cuteness factor.

My babies

My 2nd shot was taken yesterday when like most of the country we headed out as we had nice weather, we decided to head to the Zoo as it’s 10 minutes away and we have yearly tickets.

Deacon and Addison both have terrible chesty coughs but the only time Deacon stops crying is when he is out, Grayson had just woken from a nap so was not too impressed I was demanding pictures. But it is my 3 babies on a day out in the sun and it has been a while since that happened.

Day at the zoo

Don’t forget to check out the many more posts this month, there are some gorgeous ones, Lucy’s is just precious.

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  • AnnieMammasaurus

    It’s great this linky isn’t it? A real celebration of siblings 🙂
    I’m such a sucker for black and white photos !

  • Lovely, i wish you didn’t put yourself down so much. Your photos and your little family are perfect. I can’t get over how much Deacon looks like Grayson now, he’s a little mini me! xxx

  • mummydaddyme

    I agree with Vikki Kara, your photos are of YOUR little threesome and therefore they are gorgeous. I love the black and white. And the matching jambes. Deacon is growing up quickly! x

    • Thanks, he is Katie although not really as still very much a spoilt baby x

  • Lauren_W

    These are lovely Kara. Capturing your true family moments, it’s wonderful and so precious to look back on. xx

  • Cariemay

    They’re lovely pictures because they capture your memories and your lovely trio – and the matching PJs are fabulous!

  • Love their PJs! Super cute.
    I find it so tricky to get photos of my two together, couldn’t imagine trying to co-ordinate 3 for a photo!
    These ones are so lovely – can’t believe how fast they are all growing up xx

    • So much harder with 3, hoping it will get easier the older they get but I fear I am majorly wrong – I love your photos this month

  • Mummyconstant

    I know what you mean about finding the time to take photos of them together, I think I would get a millisecond of time if I was to try and take “posed” photos. You just have to let them get on with it and hope the photos turn out oK 😉

    Great photos. Beautiful 3 xx

  • Charlotte

    Lovely pictures, I love the first. I have a thing about natural, taken in a second, sort of photos that capture life exactly as it is in that moment! They look so happy and chilled 🙂

  • Lucy

    Both these photos are so lovely. I love how excited Addy looks in that top one, she’s such a sweetie. And I hope you enjoyed your day at the zoo, we haven’t been in a while and we really need to go soon. x

    • He he, she’s a menace but a cute one. We love the Zoo,it is an easy day out for us x

  • Sonia

    Gorgeous babies! x

  • I love the top one, looks full of happiness and fun xx

  • Cute shots!!

  • Jennypaulin

    it is hard eniough sometimes trying to get both of mine to stand still for the camera, so it must be sooooo tricky with three!
    You have such photogenic and beautiful children Kara 🙂 and Addison looks so much like Grayson in the 2nd pic x x