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In the wise words of Addison “Mummy I thought now it was Spring the weather was supposed to be nice?” How the weather has changed, I don’t mind it not being sunny but the rain is getting me a little down in the dumps, anyone else ??

Mummy, I thought now it was Spring the weather was supposed to be nice?

How the weather has changed, I don’t mind it not being sunny but the rain is getting me a little down in the dumps, anyone else ??

readWhilst at the Country Living Spring Fair I picked up a free copy of Bazaar. A self-confessed Magazine addict I can not believe I have never read a copy before.

The fashion articles are exquisite, I have spent many a minute flicking through. It has made me want to buy magazines all over again.


I have binge watched #GirlBoss this week on Netflix. Morgana last week put it perfectly I think in her Little Loves. Sophia is quite annoying but by the end, you do end up loving her a little and the fashion, well that is just beautiful. Kept me watching the whole series. If you love vintage it may be worth the watch.


I love learning new crafts and the Country Living Spring Fair helped to get me all motivated for my #100daysofICCCreating. Whilst there I had the pleasure of taking part in a Block Painting craft workshop with The Arty Crafty Place. It was so gratifying, within 10 minutes I had a beautiful hand designed tote bag.

Ashley treated me to the starter kit and I can not wait to make some more pieces to share with you. I have a couple of ideas in my mind and what more it is a perfect craft to do with Addison.


Finally, I went with my gut. I have been lusting over Grey hair for a few years now but always backed out. Well this week I went for it, dark grey roots and light grey ends and I LOVE IT!

By far the best decision and my hairdresser Aaron did a great job, now to grow my hair and see what it looks like shoulder length.


Being a Mummy is one of the hardest jobs in the world, I constantly question myself if I am doing it right. There is so much going on for this nearly 6 years old at the moment and I am having to really listen to her, past her words sometimes.

She is finding herself and by the most parts she is beautiful inside and out, I love her individuality and hope that is something she never looses. She is loving stripes at the moment, in particular, this bargain Primark top and her Rainbow knee socks from Three Violet Buttons.

And Lastly

Later today I shall be sharing some new recipes for picnics. Brioche Pasquier asked me to put together a little picnic post (we all know I am a picnic addict) so I couldn’t turn it down.

Here is a sneak peek…


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  • I love your hair, it is incredible and totally suits you. Picnics are the best. What lovely photos hon xx

  • Your hair is beautiful! I’m so pleased you took to plunge and did it, it suits you so much.
    Addison is such a lovely girl Kara and a credit to you. I love it when children can express themselves and their individuality, it’s definitely the parents that help foster it. Have a lovely weekend xx

  • James & Sonia

    I absolutely LOVE your hair! It looks amazing! Addy looks totally adorable! Need to watch #GirlBoss and I want that food! yummy!!

  • I love the look of your hair, you definitely made the right decision there! Enjoy your crafting X #littleloves

  • Your hair looks gorgeous, definitely suits you! Love your bag and your little girl looks gorgeous in her outfit, she sounds like a real sweetheart. Have a great week!

  • Karen Maurice

    Kara your hair looks incredible! I think it suits you so much. Plus I love your glasses where are they from? Daisy has just sat on mine so I’m currently walking around half blind. Also Addy’s outfit is so so sweet x

  • Life Daily

    Your hair is perfect, it suits you SO much. Love what Addy is wearing, girl with style there!! x

  • Helena “TheQueenofCollage” Ash

    Loving the stripes and tote bag you’ve made. #LittleLoves

  • Ali

    I absolutely love your hair! I’m very jealous! I have such dark brown hair I can’t manage grey, but I think it looks really stunning.

  • LOVE your hair Kara!
    Addy is so gorgeous, I hope all is ok – Cian is the year above (nearly 7) and very sensitive and troubled at the moment so I too am straining to listen to what he’s not saying. Looking forward to flicking on to the picnic post, these look delicious.