Sweetpea Wishlist #2

With Sweetpea’s arrival less than 3 months away I thought it was about time I started looking at buying the things we need.

Although we have 2 children, there is a lot we still need, as Grayson was very slow to grow most of his baby clothes were very, very worn, so I have literally only a few outfits from when he was little, plus he was a winter baby where as technically Sweetpea is a Summer baby (well if we ever get a Summer that is).

Thankfully, I have one less thing to buy as the very kind people at Lindam sent me a door bouncer for when Sweetpea arrives, we have never had one before, so I am interested to review this item in the future.


But what else do we need, well I am still on a mission to most of the time use re-usable nappies, I am still none the wiser as to which brand, I know I want to be able to flush liners and for them to be the nappies that grow with the child, but other than that I am clueless, so if you have a suggestion or are a nappy company please do let me know, as I don’t have long.

I know my Mom and Mother In Law have bought the basic vests and some baby grows for the next few months, so that’s a great start on the clothes front, although I do have some cute outfits in mind too.

I already bought this Star Romper from The Essential One as Sweetpea’s theme for his bedroom is Stars and I just love Knitted Rompers, Grayson had a beautiful Zara one when he was a baby.

star romper

I have also seen the following few items which have gone on my wish list, there is obviously a Ava and Luc piece as we are huge fans in our house.

For Sweetpea Wishlist #2

But what about practical things, well we are buying a lovely new Cot from Stokke, I had wanted the Sleepi when we had Addison but just never got around to getting, but this time it’s on order, in lovely Mahogany as Addison’s bed is going to be the same colour. We have the gorgeous Mama Designs BabSac that we bought at the Baby Show and they very kindly sent us matching Bunting as a gift.

PicMonkey Collage

I have also treated Sweetpea to a Newborn Seat for his Tripp Trapp so it will be great to have him at the table with us at feeding time.

We have a beautiful Graco swing we had from when Grayson was younger, I can’t decide whether to bother with a bouncy chair as between the swing and our trusted Doomoo (4 years strong) we seem to have that covered.

Something I can’t decide on is a Baby Play Mat, after having a child with major development issues I have learnt how important these are from birth, but which one is the question, we had a pink one with Addy which I gave to a friend when she had her little girl. So which one do people suggest ?

I have started stocking up on cotton wool, baby wash, wipes etc, but to be honest with 2 bubba’s still young and in nappies they are always in our house anyway.

So what am I missing, essential or just cause ? Please direct me to some of your best baby buys, I am really excited now we have moved to start flooding the house ready for his arrival.


Disclosure – We were sent the Lindam Bouncer FOC for an honest review.

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  • We have used BumGenius nappies for the last 5 years, they have always worked well for us and have lasted us this long. They grow with the child and lasted to nappy training with my son, my daughter is still going strong in them.

    We got ours from http://www.thecottonnappycompany.co.uk as we saw them at the baby show. 

    My advice is to use disposables for a few weeks until the poo has settled down and you aren’t so exhausted from giving birth. No one wants to be washing nappies with a brand new baby. 

    It is a lot of work but does save you a fortune, make sure you have a toilet that likes flushable liners, ours doesn’t and we can’t use them, instead we use the scrape and shake method 😉

    As for everything else, my one other must have is the newborn set for the Stokke, we had one and it was amazing, but you already have that on your list so must know it’s greatness.

    • innocentcharmer

      Thanks so much, seems a lot of people like Bum Genius I shall have a good look, I am glad you said about the disposable to begin as I had thought the same, we have 5 packs of pampers from when Addy was born so was going to alternate a little anyway.
      I wish I had had the newborn set with my little girl, but so pleased to have this time x

  • I used BumGenius reusables with Charlotte and found them great. But I used to ‘know’ when she needed to poop and we were setting her on a potty from a very young age so I didn’t wash as many ‘dirty’ ones as I should have. Pee is very easy to wash, simply pop in machine on a 30 degree cycle and they were dry in no time as the inserts come out once washed so they could be separated. I used flushable liners too though so any time there was poop they were simply flushed away in the loo. I preferred the hook and loop options (ie. velcro) rather than the snap closures, as they were so easy to pop on, even easier than a disposable! I did use disposables too though as sometimes my energy levels weren’t up for extra washes but I felt better about using reusable at least some of the time!! We bought ours from here (just don’t tempt yourself with the rest of the site, they sell some gorgeous bits for baby!!)   … http://www.babame.com/index.php/cloth-nappies/bumgenius-cloth-nappies.html/ 

    • innocentcharmer

      Thanks lovely I have heard of them, so I shall go take a look, I am going to use some Pampers too as I have 5 packets from when Addy was a baby, plus I know Ash wont want to use all the time etc, are you going to use this time ?

      • Catherine Doran

        Will definitely use again this time but like you plan to give myself an easy start esp as it’s so sticky at the beginning. And I will have disposables for when others are looking after the baby and aren’t keen!!

  • We had the star outfit from essential one! Was so gutted when he grew out of it! Have put it aside for number 3 as it’s unisex 😀 

    • innocentcharmer

      Aww I love the fact our little boys will have the same outfit, it is gorgeous and totally unisex x

  • Katie @mummydaddyme

    These are gorgeous items, I love the little star romper it is just adorable!  Good choices  x

  • Erinbyilmaz

    I agree that you should use disposable diapers the first couple of weeks until your baby gets a little bigger, then the cloth diapers fit better! I have tried Alva baby diapers, sun baby, Charlie banana, bum genius elementals old style, bum genius elementals new style, bum genius pocket diapers, bum genius free time diapers, and babyland diapers. My favorite actually turned out to be the bum genius free time diaper because it has three layers of material of absorption, it dries almost as fast as a pocket diaper, AND you don’t have to restuff the liners! Also bum genius diapers seem to have a thicker outer cover to hold in the moisture, the interior isn’t as soft as them other cloth diapers I have tried, but they don’t pill in the washer and dryer. My son is now three months old, he only poops once every two days and I can usually tell when he is trying, so I switch to a paper diaper sometimes if I am not in the mood to wash off the poop, although it isn’t that gross.