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Me & Mine – A Growing Family – June 2013

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If you haven’t heard of this linky then you are missing out, not only on the linky itself, but the blog that hosts it. Dear Beautiful is the blog of honestly one of the kindest and most beautiful people I know. I feel honoured to not only know Lucy online but also in person.

She has the most beautiful family you have seen, her little ones constantly make me smile online, they are infectious.

Lucy came up with Me & Mine with a series of other bloggers a few months ago, I have constantly tried to join in but with no success, but this month I have done it!!!

dear beautiful

The concept, to take a family photo within the month, she started it to make sure she was recording her family as a whole each month, let’s be honest we all constantly take pictures of our children and of them with our partners, but how often do you get a whole family shot, not often I bet, I actually do not have one picture of my family, My Parents and siblings and it shall never probably happen as my parents separated over 20 years ago now.

So here are my pictures for June, I actually have 2 as a certain little person named Deacon arrived this month, so I quickly had to take another shot to include our newest, handsome addition.

I am not honestly happy with either pic, the 1st Addison as always was not happy for a picture to be taken.

The 2nd was a quick photo on the sofa 2 nights ago with my iPhone, but here we are, the Innocent Charms Chats family in its entirity.

My Family of 4 My Family of 5

What We Are Loving

Daddy aka Mr Innocent Charmer aka Ash

*Baby Cuddles with Deacon

*F1 Season

*Cheese on Toast

Mummy aka Innocent Charmer aka Kara

* Having Deacon here safe and well

* No longer having Heartburn

*Anything Blue

*Charity Shopping

Grayson aka Rara

* Walking

* Mickey Mouse

* Climbing and Scaring Mummy and daddy

Addison aka Addy Wads aka Pinkle

* Repeating all TV word for word

* The Baby aka Deacon

*Any Animals in her Reach

Deacon aka Baby Deacon aka Piglet

* Sleeping when I should be awake, being awake when I should be sleeping

* Cuddles with Mummy and Daddy

* Watching his big brother and sister

One Month Today – Maybe??

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I can’t believe I am to the One Month Left mark, it has come round so quick, pregnancy is definitely quicker when you are working full time and have 2 kids already.

I still have next to nothing – eek!

Well apart from a lovely Wrap, from Ama Wraps, a lovely lady I met at The Baby and Toddler Show. I have never really Baby Worn before so I am excited, review to follow.

ama wraps

I am getting a little panicked to say the least as everyone including the hospital is putting bets on him being early.

I am not so convinced, I don’t think you can ever really tell when they are coming, do you ?

I am so excited to have another baby, I am a little worried about the labour and the whole back to night feeds, but as a whole I can’t wait for our family to be 5. To experience another son, to see my husband cradle him, to see Addison cuddle him and to see how he compares to my beautiful Grayson. Whether they will look the same, have the same gentle temperament.

So lets see how it goes, do you think he will be early? Think we may have to host a little giveaway on guess when Baby Sweetpea will come, watch this space!

Flashback Friday – Addison’s 1st Week

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I am really enjoying taking part in Jenny from Mummy Mishaps Flashback Friday Link each week, I love taking pictures, but lets be honest most of the time we don’t get the chance to look back from photo’s of old, be it 2 months, 2 years or even 20 years ago. So this linky gives you the perfect excuse.

With Sweetpea’s arrival become immenant, I went back and looked back at Addison’s birth pictures, it feels forever ago now, well in fact it is only shy of 2 years ago, it has gone quick.

So today I thought I would share a few pictures from Addison’s 1st Week.


1st meeting of the gorgeous duo


Wrapped up as it was still Chilly, coming home from the hospital, Daddy and Addy having 1st cuddles.

Don’t forget to head over and join in.

Flashback Friday – Come on Sun

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I love seeing Jenny’s Flashback Friday posts each week, alot of the time of her cute little boys who have the most wonderful friendship, this weeks is no exception, go take a look and find out more what Flashback Friday is.

With us getting one decent-ish day of Weather this week and Addison getting to go out in the garden it made me look back to some fun we had last year, when it was a little warmer.

Here was Addison’s 1st visit to a local beach, I much prefer a pebble beach and this is Herne Bay Seafront, it was an impromptu visit as Grayson was napping and we were waiting for him to wake before we headed to a local park that has Special Needs equipment, we had some Chips and Mr Whippy ice-cream and just enjoyed 1/2 hour of family time.

Addison was quite a capable walker by this point but when you got her on that un even surface she was a little unsure, at 1st she didn’t take notice rather playing with Daddy’s water bottle but then she saw the stones and shells and had a good feel and an unfortunate quick taste.

Beach 1st Oh Pebbles - Beach Daddy Cuddles

Please please please come Mr Sun, I miss days like these.


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