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The Ordinary Moments {23rd Feb 2014}

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ordinary moment

Sometimes being a Brother is better than being a Superhero


I can not express in words how much these pictures are making my heart smile.

Grayson has obvious problems as to why he doesn’t interact with his siblings, Addison has not been able to accept Deacon being in her world. But this weekend both these comments were not the case, Grayson decided in the bath he only wanted to be next to his brother, Deacon thought this was immense, Ash thought this was immense and I thought this was immense, Grayson just smiled and giggled, that was perfection right there, an Ordinary bath no different to any other that was AMAZING!

Then just before I wrote this post the second photo happened, Addison stated “I give Deacon cuddles” it was so cute, Deacon made his screamy noise.

Check out the awesome Katie’s blog who hosts The Ordinary Moments, inspiring so many bloggers each week.


Today, You Inspired Me – Katie

Written by InnocentCharmsChats. Posted in 2014

inspiring bloggers

I love Blogging, it brings so many benefits into mine and my family’s life. But the best above all is friends that inspire me, that share their lives with me, that write posts that talk to my heart, make me smile or even laugh out loud, that make me a better blogger.

I have always shared these on my blog in the form of my Blog Love page (which like many things on my blog is terribly out of date) but as 2014 is my year of Happiness I have decided to spread some and every month I am going to share with you a blogger who inspires me.

This is January’s (better late than never), I bring to you one of my favourite bloggers of all times and more importantly than that someone I class as a friend (not just online). To be honest if you are in the world of Parent Blogging at all I shall be surprised if you have not heard of Katie of Mummy Daddy Me. She is the BIGGEST sweetheart. I honestly can not remember how or when I started following Katie but I know it has been at least 2 years, I had just had Addison for sure, Katie has 2 little girls one 6 months older than Addy and another 6 months older than Deacon. They are the most beautiful babies and the posts she writes to and about them on her blog make me laugh and smile on a weekly basis, Katie has inspired many of my posts in this past year, she has inspired me to feel better about myself and to realise I am a nice person.

mad blog awards 2013

Myself, Lucy and Katie at MAD Blog Awards last year

I have had the pleasure of meeting Katie now many times, I only wish more, our children have played together and we have offered each other advice. I would not like to ever lose Katie in my everyday (online of course), she makes it a better place and I know she would yours too.

2014 brings many exciting things for my family and Katie is involved in 2 of the biggest, Katie very kindly has agreed to be Photographer at our Wedding Renewal in November, I feel so honoured, I know she will take amazing pictures of my little family and then in August Katie does something I can not even explain my gratitude, she is part of Raising For Grayson, a team of bloggers who are completing two physical challenges (climbing Mount Snowdon & 55 mile bike ride) in Grayson’s name to raise money for life chaining equipment and therapy, I think this in itself explains just how AWESOME Katie is, please do go take a look.

Now I shall hand you over to Katie for a little Q&A.

Mummy Daddy Me

Katie & her family, picture property of Mummy Daddy Me

Where do you blog and for how long ?

I blog at Mummy Daddy Me and have been doing it ever since I started one day on a whim when my daughter was about five months old. I can’t see myself ever growing tired of it.

How would you describe your blog in 5 words ?

Memories, Family, Photos, Love and Moments

One thing you love and one thing you hate about blogging ?

I love lots of things about blogging but if I had to choose just one it would be the friends I have made. I have made one of my best friends through blogging (Lucy) and as such our families have become really close too, and I have also made some other wonderful friends as well. There’s too many to list but they are a great part of my life. But I also want to break the rules and say that I have become so passionate about recording our family memories through photos too. The one thing I hate is the competitiveness. For all the amazing people there are some who seem to not be able to be happy for others when they get a good opportunity. That makes me sad. Also people who don’t credit you – if someone has inspired you to write about something then it’s just nice to say so.

What is your favourite blog to read at the moment and why ?

Oh gosh I really don’t know. I have about twenty that I adore and that I read religiously and comment on every post they do, and about 200 on my reader. If I had to point you in the direction of just one at the moment it would probably be Hurrah for Gin Katie is a relatively new blogger but is so friendly and supportive of other people, and her blog is laugh out loud hilarious but she also has a soft side too. She has two boys who are very similar in age to my girls and I love reading her funny take on life as a Mum.

Anything else you would like to share ?

Nooooo I don’t think so, bar the fact these questions were hard Kara! 😉

Do go check out Katies Blog and don’t forget to follow her on Twitter, she is someone you want to have in your life, thank you Katie for answering these Q’s and inspiring me each day xx

The Ordinary Moments – Project 52 – Week 42

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Every so often a perfect moment occurs, nothing special like a wedding or birthday party, but a moment when in the midst of a week of horrible illness, stroppy children and a very rainy day, which forces us to have an indoor play lunch at Granny and Popsy’s instead of the pre arranged fun plans, if for only a minute to see all 3 of my babies come within inches of one another. They enjoy a similar moment, one of those Ordinary Moments and yes Deacon maybe a asleep, Grayson maybe wearing a girls bib and Addison is mouth opening singing, but this picture is why everyday I am one of the proudest women in the world, because I created this perfect moment.


my 3 babies

I have linked up with my beautiful friend Katie’s linky, please do go join in, it truly makes you think of the precious times.

The Ordinary Moments – Fun & Trendy

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There is nothing better than a child having fun at a park, oh wait yes there is, my child having fun at the park and her looking incredibly cute with it.

This day was just a lets see where the wind takes us day, the Hubby and I both had hospital appointments in a hospital 45 mins from where we live 3 hours apart, so after the 1st appointment we headed to the local outlet centre to get something to eat and pick up some gifts.

I had been to the outlet more times than I can remember over the past 7/8 years but never once had I noticed the awesome outdoor play area, when you have a child like Grayson you tend not to notice, but now Addison is older and so confident at playing I am always on the look out.

the ordinary moment

The smile on her face was priceless, watching her run from toy to toy laughing and giggling and every so often tripping was heart warming, she would scream “Mummy come see” or “Mummmmyyyyyyy please help me” – she of course only lasted minutes on the toys suitable for age and then Mummy had to climb up and through frames really not suitable for me or her, but honestly I don’t care, as that is my job, they are the times she will remember, the times that are most important, they are The Ordinary Moments!

Do go and check out all the other beautiful Ordinary Moments over at Katies Blog, she has had the perfect moment this week, that has inspired me for a moment soon.

Badge for TTT, Badge

As I said above I think my little girl looked Styling whilst playing, there is  nothing more fun than having Mini people to dress up, I kinda love that Addison isn’t hugely girly, strange thing for me to say as I am a major Pink and Floral lover, but lately there is a little girly streak coming through, so we are blending both parts of her personality.

childrens swan jumper

Outfit Details

Swan Tunic – Debenhams (worn for her brother)

Leggings – Indikidual at Kyna Boutique

Boots – Next

I think this outfit achieves it well, it is all a little big on her as she is still so tiny for her age, but the best things come in small packages. I have linked up with Trendy Tuesday, why don’t you.

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