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My Week That Was

Written by InnocentCharmsChats. Posted in 2013

I am linking up again with The Real Housewife of Suffolk County, for My Week That Was.




  • Boring Work Day for Me
  • Grayson on half term, so Daddy at home with a Poorly Grayson and Addison



  • Ash bought Addison and I some flowers, one of her 1st words was Flower, she just loves them
  • Grayson managed 10 minutes in his Walker without getting too upset ( shame it’s too big)
  • Got confirmation today that we get our new home on 15th March
  • Addison turned 21 months today


PicMonkey Collage


  • Another Crappy day at work made even worse by having to spend the afternoon in meetings in London


  • Addison went off to Gamma’s, Grayson had a double therapy appointment this morning, did better than I thought.
  • We went for our 20 week re scan with the NHS – all went well.
  • Went off to measure the rooms in our new home, small bedrooms but we will cope

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  • Grayson doing amazing with his standing, even if too close to the TV
  • Had a scrummy dinner of homemade burgers and chips


photo 4-2


  • Early start with both bubba’s up by 5am
  • Went off to The Baby Show
  • Meet some amazing bloggers as well as getting to see Sian at the Stokke Stand
  • Bought new treats for all 3 Babies at The Baby Show
  • Bad evening from Grayson with screaming fits, but managed 6 hours unbroken sleep

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  • I had a small lie in thanks to the Hubby
  • Woke up feeling really poorly :(
  • Addison has enjoyed playing with her new RC Car we got her at The Baby Show
  • Ash popped out and came home with lovely goodies for Sweet-pea

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My Week That Was

Written by InnocentCharmsChats. Posted in 2013, my week that was

Another week has passed, I can’t believe how quick they are flying away this year.

Here is our week, don’t forget to link up if you take part.



Poor Grayson was still very unwell, so Ash, Grayson and Addison had a PJ day at home. I headed off to work. We had a small amount of snow over night but nothing to even effect the roads.

I managed to book a private scan for Baby Sweetpea for the Sunday so that made me feel better about the whole situation, a day to focus on.

I stopped at Morrisons on the way home as wait for it Tesco had no potatoes in the whole store when my online delivery arrived. I had my Dad with me as I was dropping him home, so he treated me to some of the Cadbury Chocolate Eggs everyone had been posting pictures of.

PicMonkey Collage

I got inspired by The Crazy Kitchen again and made some gorgeous Mac n Cheese that Ash loved.


Another very bad night with the poorly one. Another session of Preschool missed.

photo copy

I worked as always, didn’t get much done though, instead I spent too much time online.

When I got home Ash took Grayson off to the Doctors, confirmed he has a chest infection and a very sore throat, poor baby.

The rest of the evening was very standard.


I headed off to work for the last day this week, leaving a poorly Grayson home with Daddy and Addy. Ash arranged for us to look at a couple of properties for Thursday, so as we have so much holiday owing I booked us a couple of days off work.

I was feeling a little poorly and tired out when I got home, luckily I was met by Addison not being too strung out. Addison’s 2 new words of the day where Green and Kipper, as they had been watching the Kipper the Dog DVD. Her speech is finally coming on leaps and bounds, she is still a little slow but it’s to be expected with a disabled brother to watch.

I cooked a nice Mexican for Dinner and followed it up with Banana’s and Cream for dessert (this weeks craving).

photo copy 3

I shared my new segment on my blog “Etsy Top 5″ this week focussing on Baby SweetPea. If you like handmade go take a look.


Thankfully for the 1st time in over a week Grayson slept through, I think the antibiotics tired him out. I awoke with a sore throat but not too surprised.

We headed off to look at a new rental property at 10am, which would be fine if you were a student but for £1k a month it was nasty.

We gave the flat a nice tidy as Friday we have someone coming to look at buying it from our Landlords.

In the afternoon we headed to another Rental Property to see if suitable, this one matched most of our needs and due to that is too good not to try to get so we started the ball rolling to hopefully move there next month.

I tried making Sausage Rolls for the 1st time for Dinner, they didn’t turn out as I had planned but tasted pretty good.

photo copy 4


Another good night from the Bubba’s always a plus.

We stayed in today as Grayson is still not doing very well and we had potential buyers coming to look at the flat.

I pulled out Addison’s pop up tent again, we had to pack it away a few months ago as it was making her upset, but this morning she fell in Love with it and played happily for over an hour, going in and out.

photo 1-4

Early afternoon I headed for some me time at the Hairdressers, I got a new cut and colour and love it, luckily I got out just in time to head home and freshen up ready for the Hubby and I’s date night. The 1st one since August.

We had a lovely evening, just a meal, but such a needed rest and time to chat and enjoy each others company.

PicMonkey Collage


As Grayson was still so poorly he stayed at home with Daddy, as Addison had been a good girl the past few days I decided to take her to Mothercare and treat her to some HappyLand toys as she is really enjoying playing with the little she has.

photo 4-2

I very stupidly let her loose in Mothercare, big mistake, but it was cute seeing her empty the shelves of all the different toys.

We then popped to get some food shopping before heading home.

By the afternoon both Babies were unwell as well as Ashley and I not feeling great.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing at home, enjoying some nice Loaded Nachos for Dinner.

photo 5-2


We dropped the bubba’s at my Dad and Stepmum, whilst Ashley and I went to see Baby Sweetpea at our private scan, it went very well as you  can see here.

We then headed back to have a nice cooked brekkie courtesy of my Stepmum, we ended up staying the whole day so they could help us with the babies, as both were in terrible moods, we chatted, relaxed, sorted out poorly children, played in the garden and watched some children’s TV.


We headed home with 2 tired babies who went straight to bed, shame it wasn’t for too long.

So there is our week, again filled with poorly children, I really am very bored with poorly children and hope by the end of this next week to not have to write that, cross fingers.


My Week That Was – The Start of 2013

Written by InnocentCharmsChats. Posted in 2012, 2013, my week that was

Some may remember last year I took part a great deal in Katie from Mummy, Daddy and Me Makes Three weekly linky of “My Week That Was” .

I loved taking part, it was nice to remember the small and big things, I didn’t realise how much I would love looking back, today I stepped back a year in my blog and started reading them, it was great remembering how much Addison changed in a short time, how Grayson has improved and what we were doing when the weather was so poor last year.

I hadn’t realised that “My Week That Was” was now being hosted each week by Lauren of Real Housewife of Suffolk County, I am so pleased that I can finally take part again.

So here goes.



After an early start and Grayson’s SN Pre School run I headed off for a boring day at work. I finished a little earlier as we went off and looked at a new rented house (disaster).

We had a nice Mexican Dinner, followed by a nice bag of Smarties for me, thanks to the Hubby.



Was lay in day for me, so after getting the hubby up to Grayson at 5am, I went back to sleep till 7am, thank god after not sleeping the night before.

Then off to work by 8.30am, I met the Hubby and Bubba’s at 10am to look at another property, but this time the Estate Agent didn’t even bother to turn up, our search is going well.

I really missed the babies today, it was a boring/draining day at work, so I called Ashley on several occasions, each time I could hear them happily playing and chatting in the background, days like this always make me regret working.

I headed home for 4.45pm, to be met by a very cuddly, happy little girl, it was lovely she did not want to leave my side all evening, we read books, chatted and had many, many cuddles.

She even gave her Brother beautiful cuddle, which I managed to catch on camera. Grayson didn’t respond in his usual way of pulling her hair, he just allowed her to cuddle.


This was followed by a lovely easy bedtime and both babies asleep in record time by 8pm.

Ash and I just caught up on some TV and relaxed, needed to as my morning tomorrow.


Up early with Grayson and a ton of Nausea from Baby Sweetpea, no fun at nearly 20 weeks pregnant.

As I was getting ready this morning I realised I had run out of makeup, I can’t believe how much I have let myself go, it has actually got me down quite a bit of late. Something I plan to rectify once the baby is born, in my eyes if you don’t feel good on the outside you will struggle on the inside.

Long day at work today, usual boring mundane crappy stuff, followed by a ton of cash flows I had to get done before I left, I hate Cashflows.

In the evening once the kiddies were in bed the Hubby built their new toy storage unit from Ikea we had bought couple weeks back, my Living Room seriously looks more like a Toy Room.



Grayson and Mummy Day – Over the next few weeks this is theoretically what Thursday’s are supposed to be, I wanted to do this as much as possible, as my social connection with Grayson has struggled since I work more hours and with him going to school in September, my Baby and I need this time.

Grayson has Communication/Occupational Therapy on Thursday’s, his OT cancelled (as she has the past 3 wks) by 9am and as Grayson had been up since 2am I had to cancel his SALT. We had an Estate Agent coming out to view the flat in the afternoon as the landlord is selling, so I was busy cleaning all day, in the end I cancelled the Agent till the Friday as I just couldn’t catch up.

Grayson enjoyed emptying out his toy box in the afternoon and exploring all the toys which was nice.

Poor Tired Boy

Poor Tired Boy



Today was supposed to be an amazing day, as at 9.10am it was finally 20 week scan day for Baby Sweetpea, I wont get upset going into details here, but see this post if you want to catch up, the only good thing was finding out Baby Sweetpea is a Boy.

PicMonkey Collage

We then took a very tired Grayson round to SN Preschool and the 3 of us headed to order our hopefully new car, after that we popped to M&S Food and had a lovely little snack. Addison was so good sitting, colouring and snacking like a big girl, it was really nice spending this time with just her and Ashley. It can be quite difficult to do “normal” things with Grayson sometimes.

PicMonkey Collage


We squeezed in a food shop before picking Grayson up at Midday.

Whilst the bubba’s slept, Ash and I had a quick tidy of the flat for the Estate Agent in the afternoon, we also had a lot of talks about the scan in the morning and I received some truly amazing support online.

We finished the day off with a nice Curry and some TV.

We then were awoken by Grayson at 11pm, full of cold, he did not return to sleep until nearly 4am, luckily Ash and I took it in turns.


The night/early morning didn’t improve much, we had planned to all go shopping this morning, to spend Birthday/Xmas Vouchers, but as Grayson was still so poorly, Ash stayed at home, Addy and I headed out, Addison was not in a good mood the whole time shopping, so it was a little stressful, I manage to spend half of my vouchers and picked up some lovely treats just for me.

We spent the afternoon just relaxing (well of sorts) at home, playing with toys and doing some chores.

I then got inspired by The Crazy Kitchen and made some lovely Pastries for Dinner, they were so delicious the Hubby and I polished them off very quickly indeed and shall defo be made again.

PicMonkey Collage2

It was another bad night from the poorly one, touch and go whether I thought we would be off to hospital but we managed through.


Ash went off to work early at 6.40am, leaving me with the poorly one and the minxy one, who before 9am was already lining the TV Cabinet with packs of Nappies.

PicMonkey Collage

The day was quite dragged as both babies were not on form and I was very tired. We spent the day in our PJ’s really not managing much other than watching Mickey Mouse.

The Hubby and I had a Chinese Takeaway for Dinner as I was just too fried and knew it would be another long night with poor Grayson.

So all in all a tough week, here’s hoping to the next one being brighter.

My Week That Was – Wk 23

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Here I am boring you all again with my exciting life, I know many of you don’t maybe understand why I keep this post up each week, but it’s a great way for me to remember the little things that happen in our lives, so thanks Katie for hosting, head over to Katie’s Blog to find out more.

Monday – It was not a usual horrible work day as it was a Bank Holiday – woohoo. The day started early as it always does in the ICC household, but I wasn’t too bothered as I knew at 10am we were meeting my Dad and Stepmum for Breakfast at a local cafe, I do like living in a town and close to my Dad so these times are possible. The kids were really well-behaved and managed a slice of toast between them, this is huge in our house.

We then headed into Canterbury Town to pick up some bits for holiday, sun tan lotions etc, but I also managed to get a new Skirt and Grayson some new trainers, after nursery ruined his others.

We then headed home so the kiddo’s could have a late lunch, we spent the afternoon in the usual way, playing with toys, watching Mickey Mouse and climbing for Addison and Bum Shuffling for Grayson.

I quickly made some Thank You cards with Grayson’s finger painting, to be sent for Birthday Gift thanks.

Ash and I caught up with our US drama’s and had Enchiladas for Dinner, yummy Mexican.

Tuesday – We headed out fairly early to the town my sister lives in. We stopped off first at the outlet centre so Ashley could visit the new SuperDry shop, unfortunately Ash didn’t find anything but Miss Addison managed to get a new pretty pair of Clark Shoes after we had her measured and realised she had gone up another size.

We then headed to my sisters flat, where for the next 5 hours we had our Makeup and Hair trial for her Wedding in August. I was really pleased with my MakeUp, I loved the top Liner as I can’t do this myself due to being blind in my Left eye.

We then headed home to get the kids ready for bed and have a treat of a Chinese, which unfortunately turned into a Kebab as all the Chinese Takeaways around us are shut on Tuesday’s.

Wednesday – Real early start, I was at work by 7.30am as I had a crucial meeting today (who never turned up – anger ? Yep).

The day was made better by a little visitor  coming to see me at lunchtime, my beautiful little girl. It was lovely watching her enjoy the mass of space by running around and terrorising everyone’s files.

It was a lovely evening as we had a lovely hour or so of great play, Addison loved being thrown in the air and rough housing with her Daddy, as well as her new pastime, spinning in circles till she falls over.

Grayson got a little annoyed with all the noise as he was trying to enjoy his new fave programme this week, Zing Zillas.


Thursday – So usually I like Thursday’s, it’s my work at home day but today was not that way. It started with me taking Grayson to have his pre school boosters. He did so well considering we can’t explain to him at all what is going to happen, he really amazes me each day.

I then dropped Grayson home to Daddy and Addy and I headed into work to have a 4hr 1 on 1 appointment with an Accountant/Auditor it was awful, I ended up leaving work with a killer migraine.

In the afternoon I got the news that I had been picked to blog for Emma’s Diary, I am really excited about the new relationship and hopefully improving my writing style.

FridayAsh had no work again today so he decided to get him and Addy up and ready and they headed off to Nanny’s (his Mum’s) for a visit as she lives an hour away. Grayson and I decided to stay home and have a PJ day, I got on with some housework and a little internet surfing and Grayson enjoyed some Mickey Mouse, we then had a play together in the peace and quiet without being climbed on by Addison, I think one on one time with the kids is really important especially when you have a child like Grayson who needs peace to concentrate.

The rest of the day was pretty standard, with mood swings, TV and many meals.

Saturday – We made the decision no matter the weather or kids moods we would leave the house today, so we did.

We headed into the seaside town of Folkestone as I wanted some new sandals from Primark. We also managed to get Grayson a swim set for the holiday and Addison a lovely Red Waterproof Coat.

We didn’t last as long as planned being out as the weather was quite chilly and Addison was having a very moody day, we stopped and did some food shopping at Sainsburys and then went home to relax and warm up.

Ashley and I stayed up a little later than normal, he was watching a film (which we have seen 100 times) so I decided to make some jewellery, I have really lost my creative flair though so I struggled to decide on colours etc, I really need some inspiration to come this way.

Sunday – We had no plans when we awoke Sunday apart from Ash going to my Mom’s to collect his pushbike, as the weather wa nicer than planned I decided we would head to a local park to get some fresh air into the kiddies lungs and tire them out for their nap time. We had a lovely time on the swings and Addison even ran on the tarmac a little, we had a snack and then headed to my Mom’s.

Whilst they’re picking up Ashley’s bike, my StepMum called and invited us over for the afternoon for something to eat, wasn’t going to say No, the kids played and we chatted it was a nice afternoon and evening.

We headed home and I did some blogging in bed.

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