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>I know, I know, I promised photo’s from my birthday but haven’t got round to uploading them yet but I will, got my Christmas Tree up this weekend, yippee only 15 days to go, my pressies are wrapped (well apart from the couple I need to make) under the tree and I just have the food shopping but we are nearly there.

So anyway, side tracked as always, dear sweet Brandi of Catie Blues has tagged me “5 Things About Me”, now I know I have already told you sooo much about me but I have tried to think of 5 things I haven’t told you before, so here goes….

1. I have one leg that is shorter than the other by 1 inch and it can be quite uncomfortable, nothing has ever been done medically and if you just look at me you wouldn’t realise but if you stare yes I am a freak. lol.

2. I love candles and especially scented candles, I have about 20 candles I can see in my living room as I type this, but what annoys my hubby is I only let him light some the rest are for decoration.

3. I can still no matter how much weight I have put on get my legs behind my head, although not so good for the bad back but its my party piece.

4. I hate to watch movies more than once, apart from a couple including Mary Poppin’s ( my fave), don’t know why just can’t, bit hard when my hubby watches films over and over.

5. I hate hand cream, I get really dry hands due to Eczema but I hate the feeling of hand cream so I put up with dry skin.

Ok there they are 5 very strange facts about moi. Now I have to tag 4 people, umm who do I think wont hate me if I tag them, lets go with Laura of KatyDiddy’s, Shann of Paint Mine Pink, Jeanetta of Splendid Things and Monica of Monica Crowe.
Go check out there 5 fab facts.

No don’t forget you have a few more hours to enter my super birthday giveaway (check out previous post) don’t forget to use the right message back.


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  • Rosemary

    >Hi Kara,
    Thanks for sharing your strange facts with us. Not really too strange.
    Glad you are getting your Christmas shopping done.

  • Genevieve Olsen

    >Oh!Kara, you are not so strange!!!!
    Have a great week!

  • molokogo

    >Fun! I’ll get right on it. Mary Poppins was one of my child hood faves. Hope the mask helps you. I need to one too:)

  • Monica Yvette

    >Oh, drat, that was the wrong Blogger I.D. just then. (Molokogo)It’s Monica here!

  • katydiddy

    >Michelle beat you to it! Tagging me, I mean. Here’s my post:


    Thanks for thinking of me!

  • BellaColle

    >Legs behind head…hmmm..your so talented!!LOL!
    always fun to learn more about you my dear!

  • Brandi

    >Wow, I’ve never been able to put my legs behind my head. At least not both, and at one point there when I was doing taekwondo, I was pretty bendy!! I’m impressed Kara! 😀