>The Gallery – Faces


Tara set a great theme this week for The Gallery – Faces.
She gave us 2 weeks to think about the theme, as I took Grayson to the hospital this week for his EEG it hit me what I would post, as you all know Grayson is Special Needs and has no form of communication verbally at all.

A Cheeky Smile as he likes his TV
Grayson’s Face is the most important thing for being his Mama as it’s my only way of communication, the facial expressions he uses are our form of talking, when he looks at me longingly its his way of telling me he is scared, when he smiles I know he is happy.
As a parent many of you will remember how important it was when your babies started talking as you knew what they were feeling, so Grayson’s face are his first words.
Thanks Tara for making me think about this theme and making me see another great thing about being Grayson’s Mama.
Pure concentration over his beaker

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  • The syders

    >Awwwww what a lovely little face! Gorgeous photos x

  • The Hand of a Jeanie

    >Grayson has a gorgeous, handsome face.
    What a proud Mama you must be. x

  • love_from_mummy

    >Aww, what a gorgeous little boy. And what a lovely take on the theme. Faces communicate so much and for you, and Grayson, faces are even more important. x

  • Fishfingers for tea

    >Every time I see a photo of Grayson I'm always drawn to his eyes, he really is a handsome little man! Lovely post petal x

  • Ash

    >A great post sweetheart , everyone takes talking for granted and never stops to think about never being able to utter a single word x

  • multiplemummy

    >What a gorgeous face. You must have to be so clues up to his non-verbal cues. I can get frustrated now when I don't understand the twins and they are learning their language. You make me put things into perspective every time with your patience and amazing care of your son. you have know idea how inspiring you are. x

  • ever hopeful mummy

    >what a beautiful post – and i am sure that grayson's cute little face can tell a thousand stories or more. thank you for sharing…

  • fireflyphil

    >Lovely pictures! And an interesting thought: I've heard it said that midwives, good ones, 'read' the face of a mum in labour in the same way.