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When I popped by Tara’s blog last Friday night to see what theme she had set for this weeks Gallery post, I have never been more sure since taking part on the pictures I would use.

This week’s theme is: Inspirational People.

Who has inspired you? A relative, your own mum, your dad, a close friend, someone famous, a stranger even.Let’s give these wonderful unsung heroes a platform to shine from.

I knew most would think I would instantly probably pick my little Grayson, trust me he is incredibly Inspirational but he doesn’t hold the spot for me as the most Inspirational Person in my life, hands down that goes to my husband Ashley.

We have been together for 10yrs this coming February and we have been through some tough times, but none as hard as what we have had to deal with this past 3 years. Every time we find out something new or scary about Grayson, Ashley holds me close and says it will be fine, not just to make me feel better but because he 99% believes in his heart that it will be, he takes it all in his stride and this has not faltered since the birth of our little girl.He has stepped up once again, when i got PND it was Ashley that I turned too, when I found it hard cause Addy would scream for hours, Ash didn’t break down, nope he fought through and now that I have had to return to work as the main breadwinner Ashley has stepped up again when most men wouldn’t and taken to the role of SAHD with ease.

So my inspirational person, I have the pleasure of laying next to each night and waking up with each morning.

Go by and say Hi to my hubby at his new blog.

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  • Tamzin

    >Awwww! That brought a tear to my eye…how lovely!! X

  • Ash

    >I really don't know what to say….other than I'm only me because of you XXX

  • Sonia

    >Awww that made my cry!!! Well done Ash!!! Keep looking after her for us xxxx

  • wendy

    >Aww that is lovely. I think its great how you support one another xx

  • Kate

    >Just lovely. We are blessed when we find good fellas.

  • Mum2babyinsomniac

    >This made me cry too – they are all tearjerkers today! Just lovely x

  • Mum2babyinsomniac

    >This made me cry – they are all such tearjerkers today! Just lovely x

  • Sarahmumof3

    >beautiful post 🙂 xx

  • love_from_mummy

    >Awww, how sweet. Crying while reading Gallery posts seems to be a bit of a theme this week.
    What a lovely hubby you have. And a fantastic relationship; going through so much and sticking together.
    Beautiful. x

  • TheBoyandMe

    >That made me feel all warm and lovely. What a great man you have there, such a beautiful tribute!