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Can’t believe it is May already, by the end of the month I shall have a 4-year-old in Addison, she is changing each day and it is not only exciting but saddening to watch.

As it is May you may notice the blog is more jam-packed, it is how I always want it to be but fail but as I am taking part in Blog Everyday In May I find I push myself harder.

stannah stairlift

Grayson – My poor Superhero is having terrible trouble with sleeping, we are still waiting to see his specialists, so for the time being it is just trying to get on with life as normal. He had a good week at school though and even though tired fought sleep whenever possible.

Here he is yesterday, we went to visit my Nana and I decided to try him in her Stairlift, if we owned our own home we would have one for sure but that luxury is not possible, it is a shame as he did much better than I was expecting in it.


Addison – This little girl is very much 2 extremes at the moment, very happy or very sad, she seems to be struggling a lot with her emotions and I am hoping it is just a stage thing.

As I have said before this girl is at her most happy when very busy, she loves to constantly be doing, interacting and learning. This week we started doing Gold Star books in preparation for school and she is loving it. I have had many concerns with her round learning so I am hoping I was very wrong in my assumptions.

deacon and daddo

Deacon – This little boy is loving one on one time now the elder 2 are back to school, one day a week usually with Mummy and the other with Daddo.

He is changing every day in little ways, less baby more child, we have had so many new words this past week, none very helpful in communicating but all very cute, Nana and Sweet are his favourites.

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  • I can’t believe that Addison is going to be four! where has the time gone? Starting school is going to be a big step but one I’m sure she will thrive at.

  • They are growing up so fast. Lovely photos this week hunny. Stairlifts are great hope you can get one sorted one day. Glad he did good on it and in school too. I can’t believe Addison is four soon. So is B. I didn’t realize how close in age they were. Lovely post and good for you for blogging everyday of May. #livingarrows

  • Great photos of all 3 of them, especially Addison. I wish N would take an interest in the Gold stars books. I think he’s done about 5 pages across about 7 books we’ve managed to acquire.

  • Merlinda Little

    Grayson seemed to be so comfy in the stair lift. And Addison and Deacon looks so happy in their photos. I have fears when my son started school too. He is doing okay but there are still so many things that worries me. #LivingArrows

  • Cariemay

    What a lovely set of photos! Grayson does look comfy and as for Addison and Deacon, they have smiles to light up the world!

  • Goblin Child

    Oh what lovely pictures! Black & white is always so atmospheric.