The Kiddies // Eleven


When I had children I expected them not to get on, coming from one of four who rarely saw eye to eye I did not really know any different.

But when you come into the “parent blogging” world you have many families come into your home (through a computer) and I started to wish a little that I to would create those siblings, the ones who are the best of friends, that look sweetly at one another in pictures, who share lovingly.

And for 10 minutes of every day they are, Deacon longs for Addison when she is at school, asking many times a day “When are collecting Daddy (Addy)?”, at the same time she is always looking for a playmate, someone to be best friends with at home.

But it just isn’t the case, they are so different in their personalities, chalk and cheese. Nothing gives me more pleasure though when moments like above happen, they have so many joint loves, Pirates, Dinosaurs, playing Doctors…so maybe as they grow older and the developmental gap does not seem so great they will realise they could literally be the best of friends!



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  • Donna Wishart

    I bet you live for those ten minutes a day. I know that even a glimpse of that closeness is so appreciated and I am sure as they get older the times that they long for each other will get more frequent. Lovely post x

  • You Baby Me Mummy

    They are so adorable huni, all of them a credit to you xx

  • Ah I know exactly what you mean here – I wondered if mine would get on. It’s probably too early to tell for me but I too love those moment where they’re totally in love and gazing at each other! x x #livingarrows

  • mommyslittleprincesses

    How sweet! I’m sure their bond will continue to grow. Xx #livingarrows

  • newmummykate

    Oh this is lovely, especially the way he’s looking towards her. My two are the same, I just wish those moments would last longer and I hope more than anything that they are close as they get older x

  • Toby Goes Bananas

    I love their pirate masks! I really hope my boys get on – with Gabe only being a baby still it’s hard to tell really, although he clearly loves his brother! I’m sure as yours get older they will find more time for each other, and for now like you say, you just have to make the most of the moments they do have. #LivingArrows