The Kiddies // Thirty-Eight

We are now completely into full-time school runs, no PJ days here anymore 🙁


Grayson – Oh how you have made us all so happy and proud this past week, you have taken to Year 2 and big changes at school like a total pro, showing signs of immense happiness and a willing to get involved. You are loving your reflexology sessions the most, which is brilliant for your muscles.

You have been such a happy boy at home too, so much smiles and eye contact I could burst.


Addison – My sweet girl, I miss you so terribly, we are both finding your school transition quite awful, you have changed so much and you really are not dealing very well. Your little spark seems to have gone out and I truly hope we find a way to bring it back.

We have been trying to find special little things to do together in the evenings and that is helping a little and I was so proud of how hard you are trying with your letter writing and drawing.


Deacon – You are still missing your sister quite a bit, I genuinely did not think it would bother you all too much as you crave one on one attention – but you walk round the house calling for Daddy (Addison), looking a little lost.

You went into your brothers old bed this week and love it, now only if it had, had magic sleepy dust on you, but nope.

Living Arrows

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  • Rachel In Real Life

    Your house must seem so quiet now. We are still trying to adjust to year one here as we now have homework for the first time. i don’t particularly think homework is all that beneficial at primary school age and so I am really struggling with trying make Cheeky Chap do it, I just want him to have fun out of school and to relax. I hope Addy finds her way soon.

  • Aww bless, how is Addison doing today? What will Deacon get up to now? x

  • Sounds like Grayson’s getting on brilliantly. Hope Addy settles in and gets her spark back soon. According to N, 4 weeks in and he’s not done any sitting down and writing or learning yet.

  • mummydaddyme

    I know we talked about Addy and school the other night at the Mads, I hope that she starts to get on better soon, it’s not a nice situation at all. That photo of Deacon is gorgeous, what a smiley little dude. And G is just a superstar as always. x

  • Jenna Richards

    Oh poor Addy, I hope she adjusts to the changes soon. It’s really tough for both the little ones and parents with all these big changes.

    #Living Arrows

  • Cariemay

    Oh poor Addison and poor you, that’s really really tough all round – I hope her spark comes back soon too, but I’m so glad to hear that Grayson is having such a great time, and as for Deacon, he does have the best cheeky smiles doesn’t he!

  • You Baby Me Mummy

    Oh hun you must be so proud of Grayson, I am so pleased he is doing well. Poor Addison and you, it must be awful xx