The Kiddies/Living Arrows //Five

It’s Monday so it is time to share the Kiddies week and join in with Hayley’s Living Arrows.

living arrows

Grayson – I am sorry! I am struggling to know how to help you my superhero, I am failing you, I pray you are not in pain, I pray you are going to come back to us. I need you to come back to us. I love you more than anything, please find a way to help Mummy understand – Grayson has been suffering, he has not stopped crying for 8 days straight, Grayson never cries, when you have a child that has no communication the world is a guessing game, I don’t want to guess anymore, I want to help him.


living arrows

Addison – Look at this disheveled beauty – she is all mine and how proud I am. She has been so poorly this week but still she smiles and has threenager moments. She has grown inches in weeks, I do not lie, her clothes are mini skirts, she is not going to be a munchkin like Mummy.


living arrows


Deacon – Oh my baby Deacon, this child is just like his favourite things in the world – switches – one minute the most adorable loving child you have ever met, the next a biting monster – but always making me smile.


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  • I’m so sorry to hear Grayson is so unhappy. I don’t know how you do what you do but you are one amazing mummy and he will smile again.

    All are beautiful shots of your gorgeous family. Last year we had lots of miniskirts so this year buying way to big – they shoot up so quickly x

  • Adorable. Hope Grayson is doing a bit better today xx

  • Oh poor Greyson, and lots of hugs for you while you try to figure out what’s upsetting him x

  • I’m so sorry to read about Grayson and hope you find what is upsetting him soon. Beautiful photos of your three.

  • Oh Kara, I wish there was something I could say to help, Grayson is such a beautiful boy and I hope he comes back to you very very soon. Stay strong..x

    Love A’s face, she looks so cheeky and D is so cute! Lovely photographs xx