The Ordinary Moments #2

If you didn’t see this new linky with Katie of Mummy, Daddy and Me Makes 3 last week, then you missed out. It’s a lovely concept, I will leave it for Katie to describe as she does it much better than me.


‘The simple things in life are often the sweetest. While the fancy days out, weekends away or holidays are fun, it’s the ordinary moments I will miss when my children are all grown up. The snuggling in bed reading a story. The giggles as they run around my overgrown garden with the grass that desperately needs a cut. Even the naughty ones. The ones we all have. Just a photo from your week. The simple. The exciting. The imperfect. The Ordinary Moments.’


Here was my post last week of my cutie Addison and actually this weeks picture falls to her again.

I actually got the Hubby’s DSLR out this week, now I don’t take any amazing shots with it and clearly use it on Auto but it does make the picture quality far better. This afternoon in particular we were all in a small area in the Living Room, the other 4 of us playing on the floor, when I looked up Addison was quietly talking to herself playing with her Duplo, the way she plays has changed massively this past month, I frequently sneak into the playroom to listen and watch, it makes my heart ache so bad with pride that she is my daughter, that for all the things I have done wrong with her I clearly have done some things right to create her.


Beautiful isn’t it, as soon as I took it both hubby and I were reminded of one of our favourite pictures ever of Grayson, so I thought I would share it too, unbelievably they are about the same age in these pictures, but clearly Grayson looks and acts so much younger.


I love this linky as it really makes me look at our everyday’s, It reminds me that afternoons in the Living Room all playing together is so precious and actually more important than those big, flash days out. Do head over and check out everyone elses moments.

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  • Lucy

    That is a gorgeous photo of Addy. She looks really deep in though and absorbed by her play. I think its an age thing, and they suddenly just get so good at properly playing independently.
    Love the comparison photo with Grayson. You and Ash really do make the cutest babies. x

  • Anna-Marie

    I love both of these photo’s so natural and simple. x Beautiful x

  • mummydaddyme

    That is gorgeous Kara, and I hate it when you put yourself down and say that you did things wrong. I know I only met Addy briefly but she seemed like a lovely, happy little girl and thats all that matters. You should give yourself more credit for being a truly amazing mama.
    Now get that soppy stuff out the way, I love this photo. The light is gorgeous in it and it is lovely to watch them play on their own. I sometimes think I leave Mads to play on her own too much but then I realise that actually its a good thing- I think it is so important to encourage independent play and let them learn how to express themselves through play. I had such an active imagination when I was little, constantly making up fantasy worlds through play and I want Mads and LL to be like that so much. Children are in much too much of a hurry to grow up nowadays. xx

  • Jennypaulin

    I agree with Katie – you are a ruddy marvellous mummy and you always put them first and your love for them and theirs for you shine through in your photos. dont out yourself down – you have so much to contend with you do an amazing job as a mummy – don’t you forget that!!!
    i love how Addy is just playing away with the suns rays shining down on her oblivious to you and your camera. and i love that you have a similar photo of Grayson amsusing himself in the same way. i love seeing my two playing by themselves or alone when they do not know i am watching gorgeous x x x