The Ordinary Moments {26th Jan 2014}

the ordinary moments


This moment is a capture of the everyday, seeing my 2 youngest enjoy the song on C-Beebies just before bed whilst cuddling Daddy, we sing the song every evening in our house, Addison loves that we all sing together and as the story finishes just before it she repeats, “You ready Mummy?” and I have to answer “I’m ready, are you ready”.

I love this silly little routine, I am sure I will remember it forever as long as she is my baby. I dread to think one day my babies will not be so tiny, not so in our every days, so I am going to treasure every moment now, seeing how Deacon rests his arm on his sisters leg, how Addison as always is playing with her toes and how that day she insisted on having her blanket tied around her like a dress.

I thank Katie for inspiring me to treasure these everyday moments, they are not ones I want to forget.


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  • Lauren_W

    Awwww that’s so cute. It sounds like such a sweet little routine. I’m sad that as they get older these things won’t happen anymore and may be forgotten xx

    • I agree, but with them getting older there will be new great moments, like going out for lunch etc

  • Ah that’s so lovely. Photos of Dads with their babies is just the best x

  • Just adorable x

  • Bex @ The Mummy Adventure

    What a lovely moment, and it is those special things that are the best memories x

  • Let’s Talk Mommy

    What a great moment to capture and remember. So lovely!!!! This is so sweet.

  • seychellesmama

    ahhh this is such a sweet little moment! The bed time routine is such a special time of day isn’t it!

  • mummydaddyme

    This is gorgeous Kara, I love this linky because I love seeing and hearing little snippets into people’s every day routines. This is a very cute one. I also love seeing photos of Ash with your babies. So sweet. xx

    • Thanks lovely, this linky really inspires me every week to remember all the little things x

  • What a lovely little moment to capture!

  • Jennypaulin

    love the happy look on Addison’s face – priceless and look at your big boy Deacon now! i love some of our silly little routines – it is what makes being a mummy so special x x

    • It really is Jenny, but I think they are the things we shall forget in yrs to come, I love that my blog will remind me xx