The Ordinary Moments – Birthday Beach Fun

As it was Mr Innocent Charmer’s Birthday on Friday and the weather was glorious we decided a trip to the Beach was a great idea.

We already had a child free day planned to London on Saturday so we wanted to do something that was nice for all of us, we live 30 minutes from the beach but don’t go very often, in fact this was Addison and Deacon’s first real time, they have been for Fish N Chips on the seafront but not a full beach experience.

Ash and the boys at the beach

Daddy and his boys

We played Sandcastles, paddled our feet in the sea, ran with the wind in our hair and ate a picnic lunch.

Grayson walked and walked, loving the feel of sand between his toes, he even braved the crashing waves, being such a Superhero and loving the whole adventure.

Grayson and Ashley at the Beach

This is going on the wall

Addison is so a beach baby, she was so enthralled by the whole experience and was so disappointed when we had to leave, it was so beautiful watching her experience everything I did as a child living on the Kentish Seaside.

Addison the beach baby

Deacon on the other hand hated the whole thing, he is a little wussy with new adventures still, I am hoping over the next few months he will change a little, maybe he is like his Mummy and prefers a pebble beach.

Paddling with Grayson

Paddling with my big boy – miracles do come true!

It was as perfect as it gets (other than way to many sand flies) I really felt so proud watching my 2 big babies enjoy the day so much, I am sure we will be visiting a lot more when the Sun returns.

Day at the beach

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  • ash

    I had an awesome time great seeing our children really enjoying themselves

  • mummydaddyme

    It makes me feel a little emotional reading this Kara as I know how you long for ‘ordinary’ days out with your children, and therefore I know how much this must have meant to you. It looks like a lovely day out together and you can tell from the photos what fun you are having. The photo of Grayson in the sea with Ash made me get tears in my eyes, I bet a year ago you would never have thought that would happen! x

    • Thanks lovely. It was as normal ordinary as it could be I guess. Watching the older 2 was amazing.
      No I did not lovely. After all he has gone through since Jan he is so amazing. He is going from strength to strength. Pushing boundaries.

      I need some advice off of you. Places to visit. We are doing some overnight drives and stays. Looking for nice places to take the kids. Small soft plays. Great parks. That sort of thing xx

  • Bex @ The Mummy Adventure

    It was lovely to see you and Addy looked so happy with her shells! Hopefully lots more visits until Deacon gets used to the sand! x

  • Oh Kara what wonderful photographs. I’m so happy for you that Grayson can feel the sand beneath his feet and have a paddle in the sea. Such a wonderful experience for you all. Completely precious times xx

  • I felt really emotional reading this too! I hated the sand too as a child. Hope you have a wonderful summer! Lots of love xxx

  • Merlinda Little

    Okay I am curious what sand flies are cuz I havent seen one yet. I live near the beach too and my son hates it before cuz of the sound of the waves. We just go back more often and he loves everything now.

    Your trip looks so awesome. A fun family day out =) #ordinarymoments

  • Absolutely beautiful photo’s and such a proud and loving post. Thank you very much for linking up to my #Anby Moments.