The Ordinary Moments – Time As A Couple

We were very lucky to get 30 hours of us time this weekend with no kids, I love being with my kids, I love doing activities with our kids, but I think every relationship sometimes needs time to be enjoyed one on one and after this past year and months of no sleep Ashley and I really did need this time.

We headed to London as it was my Birthday, we knew we wanted to do some shopping but other than that no real plans. We decided on the Tate Modern, it was awesome and inspiring, this shot was taken on the underground (which was above ground) on the way, we normally would really complain at 25 minutes on the tube but it was lovely, we people watched, we chatted, we laughed, it was the start to a really relaxing weekend and although we did not get glammed up and pressure ourselves into a fancy meal it was just lovely to spend this Ordinary Moment with the man I love.

ordinary moment

I have linked up with Katie of Mummy, Daddy and Me Makes 3. If you haven’t visited Katie’s blog before, you are seriously missing out.


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  • Katie @mummydaddyme

    What a gorgeous photo of you and Ash. You thoroughly deserved some time away as a couple so I hope you both had a wonderful time. I love going to the Tate Modern. Would you believe that Mr E and I have never been away for the night since Mads was born? I have been away and he has been away but never together. We went away to the Mads and Brit Mums and he stayed so he could have LL but we haven’t been away just the two of us. I am hoping he might arrange something for my 30th next year! x

    • innocentcharmer

      Oh my Katie, you must do that, I think it is important, although tbh I think for us it is more about getting sleep lol. I do think date nights/days are important, Ash and I really only get a couple a year, I think after this weekend we have realised we really need more. The last year has been hard as us as a couple, I would not ever be without the babies but our relationship is important, this was our 1st time since May for cybher but then I was heavily preg and we stayed with my brother not really the same. I am pleased with the photo, it was just on my phone but I think it came out so well as we were relaxed, not always so easy when the babies are arpound xx

  • I love this photo of you two, you look so happy and content! I’m so pleased you got to have some time together for your birthday, you are right time together as a couple is just as important as family time. xxx

    • innocentcharmer

      I agree it is so important, I don’t think Ash and I get enough, we are going to try and get more, if only a couple hours on a sat once a month x