This Week You ….

Deacon 21 months

This week you have loved the sunshine

This week you have visited so many parks

This week you are such a little adventurer

This week you played outside in Granny’s garden with water all naked

This week you have loved Chocolate cake

This week you made Great Nana’s day

This week you made my heart swell with pride as you cuddled Great Nana

This week you loved driving

This week you went in big boy soft play not a sign of fear (other than mine)

This week you can say Chocolate (coclate) and pig

This week you have been very cuddly

This week you did an Easter egg hunt all on your own without help from Mummy/Daddy

This week you have played Lego for ages

This week you and your sister have got on so much better

This week you have been a helpful little brother to Rara

This week I love you more than last

This week as always I am so very truly thankful you are my 3rd Baby


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  • Gorgeous photos sweetie, sounds like he’s had a very busy and very lovely week. I too have a toddler that insists on going in the big boy soft play and scaring the crap out of mummy. I tell you, these boys we’re raising have no fear! xxx