>Today I am Famous, so in turn…


I am not Kidding today I feel famous, I have been chosen, not by aliens or anything exciting like that but my dear friend Nikki of WhiMSy Love has made me the YOWZA featured Artist of the week, this feels like an immense honour, as not only do I respect and adore Nikki but I have been put in a world with some amazing artists from Etsy including Pamela Michelle and Polkadot Creations. Please go and check Nikki’s blog so you can see my name up in lights. LOL. Thanks Nikki you have truly made my day, week and Year.

So when Nikki asked me to be the featured artist, I thought hey, the world of Etsy and handmade is an amazing one and people should feel how I feel, so I thought to myself I am going to set a promise(not as bad as they other Etsy challenge I set myself) every time I may a purchase from Etsy I will do a small post on the item I bought and the designer behind the item.
So here goes…

My first ever Etsy purchase, I know bit behind, was from the amazingly talented Becky Kay of BeckyKayDesigns, I purchased a handbag to give my sister for her birthday in September, I wanted her to have a bag made from love and true individuality and when I found this bag, I knew I had found it, not only did it arrive from the states in record time but the picture did not do the wonder full craftsmanship justice. I asked Becky a couple of questions about how she came about making handbags and I ask you to read on and take the time to either visit her store of amazing goodies or her daily life in blog format.

1. How long ago did you start making handbags ?

I started making bags in the fall of 2005. Originally, I made them as gifts for family and friends.

2. Is this a hobby or full time commitment ?

I guess its technically a hobby. I have a full time job as a real estate closing officer, which means that I facilitate the finalization of real estate transactions. Most nights when I get home from my “real” job, I go straight into handbag mode! I also spend a lot of time thinking about my handbag business even when I’m at work. Let’s call it a full-time hobby! LOL!

3. How did you learn to make bags and what made you start?

I learned how to sew in junior high school. Unfortunately, I lack the attention span for any sewing project that takes very long. The beauty of handbags is that you can finish them in a short amount of time. I bought a handbag pattern so I could make one for a gift. It was so satisfying and fun to make that I just kept making them. I gave them all out as gifts, but I didn’t want to quit, so I designed my own patterns and started selling the bags that I made.

4. do you make commission pieces? I love to do special orders!

I have about 5 or 6 basic designs that can be made in a fabric of the customer’s choice. I am also able to add or subtract pockets, lengthen the straps and so on. It’s fun to create a bag with a specific person in mind.

So a big thanks to my dear friend Nikki for making me smile and also to Becky for a great Handbag.

Love to all

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    >Hiya Kara !

    Thanks for the link to Becky’s creations. Bit dangerous though…i have become a bit of a handbag junkie…oh well i’ll just add it to the list of the million other things i am addicted to LOL.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog too.Im adding you to my favs and going to sit down later with a hot chockie and read through all your blog ! You seem to be a very clever gal 🙂

    Shann 🙂

  • BeckyKay

    >Thanks for the feature, Kara! So sweet of you!

  • Mary

    Great news for you and the handbags of course! Mary

  • bellacolle

    >Oh, you soo deserve to be featured! your works are so fab…one day…I just may scoop some up for myself!!!
    Oh, custom handbags are a vice of mine ;P

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