Who Is Kara Janelle?

Who doesn’t love a Q&A?

Well, I certainly do, maybe as I am literally the noisiest, it’s the sociologist in me I think.

So huge thanks to two amazing beauts that tagged me.

First up Molly from Mother’s Always Right for tagging me, once you are done here head over and find out about her amazing gap year and what her girls would have been called if boys.

Next, my amazing friend Sonia from This Mummy Loves, read about how she has the touch of an angel and wanted to be a Midwife.

So here we go…

When was the last time you cried?

Today, I am a big crier. Happy or Sad most days I have cried at least once. I don’t really see it as a negative as I think it is a great release and always makes me feel better after.

If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?

I would like to think so, although I am sure sometimes I would be “stop talking” as I know I do too much.

Friends are important to me and somewhat I put them ahead of myself so I guess that is why I would be friends with myself, I love to make people happy, to see them smile at random little points. Most of my friends are miles away, I wish they weren’t but thanks to social media we talk every day.

One of my best gals, Susan who I met through blogging

Do you use sarcasm a lot?

I don’t think so, occasionally, mainly with Ashley, in that midpoint before an argument, but otherwise not often.

What’s the first thing you notice about people?

I think their Hair is the main thing and then their eyes.

You know I am all about the hair, I think it is how most people express themselves no matter how unsure they are.

Then the eyes as I really think they show someone’s true soul. To be honest I think that has come more from being Grayson’s Mum for so many years.

Scary movie or happy endings?

Toughie, I really love both, but I always have to watch scary movies during the day or my subconscious makes my dreams crazy. Ash loves a scary movie so he is always excited to watch one.

But I won’t lie I ruddy love a happy ending, I am a true romantic at heart.

Favourite smells?

I have some very odd ones. Obviously, I love all the pretty scents and by choice, my candles at home (I have many) will always be Peony, Cotton or Citrus. But then there is the strange side of me.

I think it stems from my Dad owning a waste recycling company out in the country and spending all my weekends with him, so I love Diesel, Manure and Grease.

What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home?

I am not sure if it is California, Cuba or Antigua. Oh, how I wish I could go back.

My Mom is American so I spent many of my trips in my early teens in America, Christmas day on the beach back in 1992.

When I met Ashley we both loved the idea of travelling and with some money in the bank we did Cuba and Antigua within a year it was magical.

Ashley and I, many years younger back in Cuba

We always had plans to travel a great deal with the kids, but unfortunately, Grayson’s health issues are making that a little of a dream.

Do you have any special talents?

I have always had a way of remembering numbers, phone numbers especially but I am not sure that is really a talent?

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I can’t honestly say I ever really knew. I still don’t!

The only thing I was always passionate about and would spend my free time doing was Fashion and Interior design but I had no skills for either.

I wish I had known as I really do not like where I ended up.

How many countries have you been to?

Nowhere near enough, I wish more but I think 7.

What was your favourite / worst subject in school?

My favourite was always Maths or Sociology.

Worst always English, I found and still find it so hard, but then I never had teachers that helped, crazy to think I blog really,

What is your favourite drink?

Still Lemonade, as the Americans make it. Alcohol which is rare is Gin.

What would you have named your children?

Ethan was the name the Husband and I chose many moons before we had children, then it became popular so we changed our minds.

Addison was supposed to be called Blossom (her middle name) but Ashley said no.

Who are some of your favourite YouTubers?

Whenever I log on to YouTube I have a few ladies who I hope to pop up in my subscription box…

Molly, Pamela, Hannah, Emma, Fritha and Katie – they are just all real life, fun and a couple I have had the pleasure of knowing for many years.

I won’t lie though I do like a Zoella or Tanya Burr video for non-reality as such.

How many boyfriends have you had?

Grown-up Boyfriends, really only 2 or maybe 3.

Favourite memory from childhood?

Has to be memories of my Auntie Desiree or Nana. They made my childhood, from days out with them, to movies on the rocking chairs and playing games.

Tell us one of your bad habits…

Ashley would probably say either my Hoarding (I could be on that programme) or my pessimism.

I think my rambling, I know I scare people away by never shutting up and being too open.


So did I surprise you with any of my answers, or was there a question you were hoping came up if so ask away as I am doing a live Q&A over on Insta stories next month.

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