Win Time – A Picnic with Higgidy worth £50

I love Summer for one main reason, PICNICS.


They are something that all my little family can enjoy, we have them several times a week during the Summer months and even inside ones in the Winter.

Sometimes they are planned and I make lavish homemade salads, sandwiches and treats, but other times they are stop by the Supermarket on the way to the park, beach or gardens.

So imagine my excitement when the lovely people at Higgidy contacted me and asked if I could give one of you my lovely readers a Higgidy Picnic bag filled with £50 worth of vouchers to spend on their picnic products. I am so jealous!

Higgidy, maker of award-winning pies and quiches, have launched a range of three mouth-watering sausage roll recipes just in time for picnic season. Packaged in picnic basket open-style box, Higgidy’s new sausage rolls come in three flavours: Herby Pork & Pancetta, Roasted Tomato & Pork, and Feta & Red Pepper. They can be enjoyed hot or cold and make perfect picnic food. 

Oh I do love a Sausage Roll and these flavours sound scrummy, the hubby likes the sound of the Feta & Pepper were as I am excited to try the Pork and Pancetta.

Higgidy picnic pack

So who fancies a free picnic then ? it is simple to enter just use the Gleam box below, there are 2 mandatory entries, one leave a comment telling me your favourite food to have at a picnic (I am always looking for inspiration) and two follow Higgidy’s Facebook page.

If you want to double your chances to win Higgidy products then go and check out “Catch a Quiche” game including many different products to win.

Higgidy Picnic Prize

UK Residents Only, over the age of 18. – Do read the T&C’s.


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  • pippasmum

    Has to be pork pies. I don’t normally eat them as they’re not very healthy so they are a picnic treat.

    • Julie Robins

      Roast chicken drumsticks and strawberries (not together though!)

  • Tracey Peach

    My favourite picnic food is sausage rolls xxx

  • madnunusual

    fruit is a staple for my picnic’s

  • kj19

    hot cross bun with jam, butter and clotted cream

  • Tracy K Nixon

    Crisp sandwiches – prawn cocktail are my favourite!

  • Cat Culmer

    Tomato sandwiches!

  • kim neville

    Roast chicken with mayo and salad sandwiches

  • chantelle hazelden

    scotch eggs x

  • Brenda Heads

    I always make a quiche or two depending on how many are coming to the picnic.

  • laura banks

    scotch eggs

  • kerry locke

    I am a huge Cheese Lover … so it would be a mixture of cheese with fresh crusty bread

  • buchanl


  • lynn savage

    I love little sandwiches like the ones you get at posh afternoon tea

  • Natalie Crossan

    Strawberries 🙂

  • steven

    I like those mini pork pies

  • sunshine

    Scotch eggs x

  • Alison Drew

    Traditional egg sandwiches but I could be swayed to change my mind 🙂

  • Alison Turnnidge

    Love cucumber and carrot sticks with minty, yoghurt dip

  • french sticks

  • melanie stirling

    Chicken salad sandwiches with salad cream.

  • clairdownham

    pork pies

  • Liam Bishop

    Scotch eggs!

  • Sesame seed bread sticks and dips always go down a treat with my littlies!

  • Lucy Bishop

    pork pie definitely!

  • Kat Tew

    cheese and pickle sandwiches

  • Lisa Everaert

    Pork pies – scrummy!

  • ashleigh allan


  • Sam

    Hard boiled eggs!

  • Stephen Curry

    Celery with cream cheese!

  • Jayne Townson

    Mine is egg and cress sandwiches.

  • Gaby


  • Ellen Arnison

    bacon and egg pie

  • TheBrickCastle

    I love to make fresh veggie sausage rolls to take on a picnic 🙂

  • Rosalind Blight

    sausage rolls

  • Jo Glasspool

    Mini sausages xx

  • Richard Randall

    Mini pork pies.

  • Mary Chez

    pork pies

  • Janice Papworth

    My favourite food is Quiche

  • tracey bowden

    mini sausages

  • Selina Jefferies

    scotch eggs are a must, if not the full size eggs then definitely the mini ones

  • Jayne K

    Good quality pork pies

  • Tanya Cameron

    sausage rolls 🙂

  • Ness

    Pork Pie

  • Kiran Parry

    I like corned beef pie when having a picnic so this is my favourite.

  • Christina Kuczerepa


  • Lynne Durkin

    Cocktail sausages x

  • Karen Ham

    sausage rolls

  • Laineyflo

    Home made quiche!

  • winnie

    sausage rolls

  • Gemma Snell

    boiled eggs and salad

  • Neil H

    Thats a hard question ! If i have to pick one it would be…… Egg & Bacon pie

  • Angie Allen

    cold chicken drum sticks

  • Mandy Waller


  • Bhavesh Mistry


  • Harriet Turner


  • Maxine

    Spinach and feta filo parcels – perfect picnic fare!

  • Claire Scott

    Quiche! A family favourite 🙂

  • leanne tobin

    Sausage Rolls 🙂

  • Nicola BIven

    Pork and pickle pies yum !

  • Melissa Bendall

    Coronation chicken!

  • Stacey Melia

    cocktail sausages 😀

  • Lola

    I love pasta salad, my daughter loves cocktail sausages and my hubby loves sausage rolls

  • Holly Smith

    Sausage rolls, Mini Babybels, crisps and beer 😉

  • Leigh Marea Boyle

    sausage rolls

  • Claire Victoria

    Cucumber sticks if I’m being healthy, sausage rolls if I’m feeling naughty!

  • Jo

    Sausage Rolls and Mini Sausages always goes down a treat

  • Gillian Holmes

    Scrambled egg

  • Claire Smith

    Veggie Samosas

  • Jim Milligan


  • Carys Jones

    Mr Kiplings slices

  • anthony harrington


  • Edward Guerreiro

    Scotch Eggs.

  • Elizabeth (Liz) Briggs

    Boiled Eggs 🙂

  • clare martin

    Pork pies, yummy!

  • Sheryl Abbitt

    Quorn mini savoury eggs. I’m not even a vegetarian, but I love them.

  • Martine Henderson

    mini cocktail sausages

  • Amelia Kennedy

    Scotch eggs! x

  • Eleanor Wigmore

    A picnic wouldn’t be a picnic without sarnies!

  • emma walters

    scones with jam & cream

  • Cecelia Allen

    Quiche and salad sandwiches are my picnic must

  • Emma Nixon

    Homemade Victoria sponge

  • A.Hamlyn

    Mini chicken kievs, yum 🙂

  • Kelly Holyoake

    Sausage Rolls

  • Jacki Hamer


  • barbara daniels

    Pork pies

  • denise s

    coated (breadcrumb) chicken goujons

  • valbuk

    love quiche and sausage rolls – anything you can eat with fingers

  • Amy PJ

    Cheese and lettuce sandwiches. My childhood favourite!

  • lizlizliz

    Homemade sausage rolls!

  • Sharon

    Ham salad baguettes 🙂

  • Samantha Wheeler

    Mini sausages and cheese and pineapple 🙂

  • Rachie Littleme

    Posh crisps

  • Jo welsh

    Egg mayo sandwiches

  • Sarah Prightingale

    Tuna or ham and mustard sandwiches

  • Laura

    I was thinking cheese and crackers until I saw mini chicken kievs below, I have never seen those before!

  • Abby Milner

    Pickle topped pork pies!

  • Laura Asplin

    Stuffed vine leaves

  • @flickabella1

    Chocolate strawberries yummy
    Felicity kelly

  • David Greig


  • Justine Meyer


  • Sarahann

    Pork Pies!

  • Zoe Goulding

    Scotch eggs

  • JoMapp

    Home made sausage rolls

  • Phil Darling

    Scotch eggs

  • moonray69

    Meat free sausage rolls 😉

  • jillwebb

    Home made cakes, fruit cake, rock cakes, scones lots of cakes as We all seem extra hungry on a picnic

  • lorraine polley

    love cocktail sausages on a picnic

  • Carol Bird

    Egg and Cress Sandwiches

  • krissie

    strawberries 🙂 (kris)

  • I love a good quiche!! also lots of fruit!

  • Ben Audsley


  • catherine plant

    sausage rolls

  • Potato salad. 🙂

  • Christine Caple


  • Laura Murray

    Egg and onion sarnies – so worth the stinky breath 🙂

  • tinam1

    sausage rolls x

  • lyn

    pork pie and english mustard

  • Kat Lucas

    Peanut butter & jam sandwiches

  • sharon mead

    pork and pickle pies

  • kat walsh

    strawberries and clotted cream

  • teressa oliver


  • Christina Curtis


  • Helen Lloyd

    Vegetarian quiche and cheese and onion rolls!

  • Jen Morgan

    the cheese and onion sandwiches my hubby makes

  • C Kennedy

    Plain old ham sandwich

  • MrRichTea

    Scotch Eggs! MmM! 🙂

  • cherie shaw

    Cheese & Pickle Sandwiches 🙂

  • embabes

    Hummus! Love it!

  • Paul Scotland

    Pork pie

  • angela sandhu

    Scotch Eggs

  • Tracey Thompson

    I love sausage plait

  • Mark

    my daughter and i love the little sausage rolls that you only ever seem to have at a party or a picnic.

  • michelle muirhead

    pasta salad

  • Debbie Timms

    Good old fashioned sausage rolls! x

  • Hayley Wynn

    love sausage rolls

  • Jenette Ogborn

    Has to be strawberries 🙂

  • Emma Jackson

    Pork pie for savoury and any cake for sweet 😀

  • christine clarke

    cheese and onion rolls

  • Lydia Graham

    My husband’s pork and apple picnic plait


    Scotch eggs.

  • Matt Froggatt

    Sausage rolls

  • Maria P

    pork pie

  • Jennie Jackson Mse

    scotch eggs

  • shell

    Pork pie and pickle

  • Kevin Bloomfield


  • Louise Fairweather

    sausage rolls

  • Kay Panayi


  • Laura Cooper

    scotch eggs

  • leanne williams

    Pork pie and pickle

  • Sarah B

    Sausage rolls.

  • cally26

    great prizes as always

  • jokow

    tuna sandwiches

  • Sausage rolls

  • Kathryn S

    Cocktail sausages

  • I love to have Quiche Lorraine on a picnic

  • Catherine A Bell

    Scotch eggs

  • spicers1976

    I like picky bits in my picnics

  • Lisa Wilkinson

    Sausage Rolls

  • Helen Padden

    Egg mayonnaise and cress sandwiches 🙂

  • LadyChelington

    mini sausage rolls

  • Sarah N

    Cheese sandwiches!

  • Maria Knight

    I love making a pastas salad with beetroot, spring onions, red peppers and sweetcorn 🙂

  • lisa rhodes


  • ♫ Alison M ♪

    Quiche and pork pies

  • Tracy Hughes

    Home made quiche and potato salad

  • Hayley

    scotch eggs (veggie ones!) and quiche

  • Jamie

    Pork Pie 🙂

  • Solange

    Sausage rolls

  • Claire Wilkinson

    home made scotch eggs

  • rugmaker

    pork pie

  • Quiche

  • Wendy Tolhurst

    cheese straws

  • lindsey jones

    Spinach and feta quiche

  • cornishgirl

    Fresh crusty bread, Boursin and grapes

  • diva1977


  • Charlotte Jones

    Tuna pasta salad 🙂

  • Karen R

    I love tuna sandwiches and crisps on a picnic 🙂

  • Kristy Leanne Brown

    Scotch eggs

  • Katie Skeoch

    a crisp sandwich!!

  • Trudi Flint

    Butterfly Cakes

  • Raych Bonness

    Quiche 🙂

  • Lani Nash

    little sausages

  • Charlotte

    Cakes 🙂

  • snarepuss

    sandwiches 🙂



  • bethbowdler


  • Jenny Barker

    pork pies

  • Vicky-Louise Robinson

    Egg and cress sandwiches

  • Nickles83

    Sausage rolls or watermelon

  • Holly Boyd

    humus and pita, yum!

  • TracyJo

    Egg sandwiches and Quiche x

  • George Worboys Wright

    Sausage rolls

  • Keeley Louise Atkinson

    pasta salad

  • Christy Beckett

    Pork pies

  • Sarah Ballantyne

    Salmon and broccoli quiche

  • Heidi Brown

    savoury eggs!! non nom!!

  • Rory Campion

    Scotch Eggs

  • Jill Donaldson

    Pasta salad

  • Sarah Lewis

    Sausage rolls

  • tishist


  • smoked salmon bagels

  • Melanie Edjourian

    Quiche is good

  • Laura Avery

    home made quiche..with caramelised red onion chutney.

  • Teresa Lee

    Pork pies

  • Emma Harris

    Homemade Scotch Eggs

  • Allan Smith

    Pasta Salad

  • Barbara Handley

    Ham or cheese salad sandwiches.

  • Fee Edwards

    I love Quorn Cocktail Sausages – they are so yummy!

  • daisyduck

    I love pork pies

  • Jayne

    Homous, tabouleh & crackers

  • laura

    strawberries x

  • Laura Anne Farnworth

    Sandwiches on finger buns

  • Carroll Marsh

    Ooh I Do Love the Higgidy Products,Looking forward to Trying Feta and red Pepper Rolls for Vegetarians!!We too love to have outdoor picnics in summer and Indoor Picnics throughout the Year!!Kids so Look forward to them!!less washing up for mum Too!!X

  • Mary Campbell

    Scotch egg 🙂

  • Nick


  • Maria Taylor


  • solange


  • Jenny Mortimer

    Sausage rolls mmmmmmmm